One Type Of Service Versus Another

October 17, 2010

To help Admiral Joe, click here (and in a related story, I give you this, proving once more that Gary Bauer is a lying sack of you-know-what).

Ron Johnson, The “Running Man”

October 17, 2010

I give Think Progress tons of credit for breaking the story on the foreign money quite probably being used to run negative campaign ads (and once again, I say “quite probably” because the National Chamber of Commerce won’t come clean on the matter), but while it is literally true that Ron Johnson, running as a Repug for the U.S. Senate from Wisconsin, has called for disclosure (here), that to me is not unlike Ron Jeremy making a public service announcement on behalf of abstinence-only education, partly for reasons noted below (and Johnson, quite literally, is “running” as you can see – and don’t forget this either).

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