I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA, and I have written in various capacities for specific industries as well as newspapers, and I have also performed assorted low-level functions for local-area political campaigns. I am attempting to promote informed dialogue through intelligent analysis of news events and political commentary with what some would call a “liberal” or “progressive” slant, though I tend to think of it more as acknowledging everyday reality than anything else. To that end, I intend to include assorted links, pics, and videos to support my arguments (as I have in part iterations of this site). I also tend to “dip my toe” into the world of sports, entertainment, and popular culture generally, particularly if there is an overlap between these topics and the news.

If you have tips, general feedback or exciting new Campbell’s soup recipes, please Email me from this link.

3 Responses to About

  1. Stephen says:

    I just read your article on UNCLOS–most informative/enjoyable.

    Which congressmen are now the leading opponents of UNCLOS?

  2. doomsy says:

    The last I heard of the Law of the Sea Treaty (UNCLOS is the correct, acronym – you’re right, though conservative media usually refer to it as LOST, which of course is incorrect), it passed out of a Senate committee by a 17-4 vote in October 2007, and I believe the four senators who opposed it were the now-gone Norm Coleman, Jon Kyl, Jim DeMint and David Vitter (but I’m not positive). The last I read, though, it was on a “fast track” for a vote as of last April, so we’ll see (Biden supported it then as now, and I’m sure Obama and the Russkies are discussing it – not on the “media radar” at all).

    Thanks for the good words.

  3. "Dog Gone" says:

    I followed the ping-back from the Politicus website, from the comment section of the article on KBR and the rape of Jamie Leigh Jones.

    I’m another of the regular authors on Politicus, as well as a smaller blog, Penigma. Having followed the link, I quite like your blog, and would be interested in corresponding privately about possibly linking.

    You can contact me at Penigma2@hotmail.com if you would be interested in pursuing the possibilities further.

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