Tilting At Windmills 101, Again

September 18, 2015

Now that another utterly sad, pathetic display of supposed presidential candidates has been foisted on the utterly gullible American TV viewing public once again (and viewed by about 22 million people, apparently – can’t think of a word to describe how appalling that is), I feel that I have to say once more that this is an exercise that is utterly destructive to our democratic experiment of “we the people” governance in this country.

Actually, I’ll put it in less esoteric terms than that and just ask the following question: how many lies are you willing to tolerate anyway?

(Full disclosure: I didn’t watch a minute of the Republican presidential candidates’ debate because 1) I don’t have three hours to commit to watch anything on TV; 2) I don’t have a tolerance for the commercials, and 3) I have even less of a tolerance for the cavalcade of untruths that was televised along with everything else.)

So apparently, former failed Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina was somehow declared the “winner.” This despite what was apparently an almost non-stop amount of BS that she generated along with all of her male counterparts onstage (including something about Planned Parenthood videos showing babies being aborted, which would take place in the fever dream of only the most delusional of wingnuts). And I guess the determination of her “victory” comes from the fact that our political/media/industrial complex in this country would prefer a Fiorina/Hillary Clinton showdown because that would ensure good ratings (and it would also not include “The Donald,” who is less appealing to the “news” networks of our corporate media with initials for names because he doesn’t have to grovel to them or anyone else for money to continue his campaign).

If the only people affected here were the so-called “baby boomers” (of which I am a member, making me feel a singular level of disgust because I believe that my generation is more responsible for this than any other), that would be one thing. But when legitimate issues surrounding our climate and what should be our commitment to renewable energy, along with rebuilding our infrastructure, creating and sustaining good-paying jobs that would lead to rebuilding the once-thriving middle class in this country, and trying to do SOMETHING about the fact that WE HAVE WAY TOO MANY DAMN GUNS IN THIS COUNTRY are all ignored, who really pays for that?

The so-called Gen-Exers and millennials as well as everyone born after them, that’s who. They’re looking to their parents and those of that age group for guidance, but then they realize that the people who are supposed to be the caretakers for what hopefully will be THEIR posterity one day are utterly derelict in that duty (again, we’re talking about MY generation here). And that dereliction is on full display when people like this pathetic bunch of lying, utterly compromised charlatans and frauds is given the spotlight to the degree that we gave it to them again on Wednesday.

And in closing, I just have this question to ask; how can anybody be, in good conscience, declared a “winner” when we, as a nation, (and as a member of the community of nations on this planet, really) have already lost?

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