Bri-Fi Dishes Weak Wallace “Sauce” in PA-01

August 23, 2018

Here is my link to a typically disgusting attack ad by Brian Fitzpatrick against Scott Wallace in the PA-01 U.S. House race:

I apologize for inflicting that on you, but I had to do so to point out the two pernicious pieces of misinformation that must be noted (purposely conflated in the ad in a way that I’ll point out).

First, at 11 seconds, the ad shows pictures of crying kids along with a quote from Wallace that there’s “no such thing as a victim’s conduct being off limits.”

That quote came from a New York Times story about a 1988 trial where Matthew Solomon was accused of murdering his wife Lisa, and the remark about victim’s conduct had to do with Lisa having a temper and allegedly frequenting bars. I realize there’s nothing whatsoever that is illegal about having a temper and going to a bar, but that typically vile ad by Fitzpatrick suggests at about 11 seconds that Wallace was referring to kids, when in fact he was referring to an adult.

Wallace, by the way, said this when he was the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ acting executive director and legislative director…you know, an advocacy group for defendants (as the story tells us).

And do you know what else Wallace said in that same New York Times article from 30 years ago?

As far as the victims’ movement is concerned, Mr. Wallace said, ”We’ve had little skirmishes where the clashes come into the courtroom and actually affect the trial, but so far the movement seems to be confined to showing greater compassion for victims – involving them in the process, giving them notice of when a suspect is caught and providing them with compensation – and we’re all for that.

Wow, what dastardly pinko propaganda that is (OK, snark mode off…).

And why are kids included here? Well, at 15 seconds, the ad claims that Wallace has “a history opposing laws that protect victims of sexual abuse.”

From this Fix Noise article, we learn the following:

In 1990, (Wallace) slammed a Supreme Court ruling that upheld laws protecting sexually abused children from having to testify face-to-face with the accused in open court and instead be allowed to testify and be cross-examined at another location.

Wallace said the decision could open the doors to false accusations and allowing other emotionally traumatized witnesses not to face the accused. “This decision increases greatly the chances of a false accusation not being discovered and increases the risk of an innocent person being convicted and sent to prison,” said Wallace, according to a 1990 Newsday article, adding that the ruling “may send a signal to experiment with other kinds of witnesses where there is a likelihood of serious emotional trauma.”

Again, Wallace said this nearly 30 years ago in his capacity as acting executive and legislative director for a defendants’ advocacy group.

But of course, this is “proof” that Scott Wallace hates kids, isn’t it?

From the same Fox article, we learn the following:

Zoe Wilson-Meyer, communications director for Wallace’s campaign, didn’t deny the funding for the legal advocacy group or address whether Wallace still shares the views he expressed in the past. But she stressed that he is supported by law enforcement.

“Scott Wallace worked with Republicans and Democrats on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, writing tough new crime laws, including the Missing Children’s Act and laws to help runaway and homeless youth. Wallace is endorsed by law enforcement because he has the experience to fight in Congress to keep our communities safe,” she wrote to Fox News in an email.

Yeah, this is more chicken nonsense from our Wet Noodle 2.0 Repug U.S. House rep, who has proven that he’s even more lowdown than his brother.

I guess this is what happens when you’re a member of the Trump Party who has voted in favor of “Dear Leader” 83 percent of the time, as noted here.

Update 10/18/18: Sure enough, we received another disgusting mailer from Bri-Fi resurrecting, if you will, the charges refuted in this post (another zombie lie).

Waiting a month or so to repeat the lie about Scott Wallace and kids doesn’t magically change that lie into the truth, Bri-Fi. It’s still a lie!

And apparently, you don’t know the difference.

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Admiral Joe Tops Toomey At Last!

October 14, 2010

This just in…

The latest poll in Pennsylvania–the first poll to be taken there in over a week–shows Democrat Joe Sestak pulling ahead of Republican Pat Toomey by three points. It’s a big comeback, since Toomey’s led for the past five months.

So today, Daily Kos is adding Joe Sestak to the Orange to Blue page, and looking for 500 people to contribute $10 to his campaign. You need to be one of those 500.

This is the sort of win that would stop Republicans across the country. If we grab a win in Pennsylvania, Republicans would only have a 0.5% of taking control of the Senate.

End Republican hopes by contributing $10 to Joe Sestak now.

Your contribution will go to a good campaign. Admiral Sestak is the hardest working candidate in the country, and has given positive answers across the board on our Orange to Blue questionnaire. On health care, climate change, immigration, LGBT rights, labor rights, and Senate rules reform, Sestak is with you.

If we pull off an upset in the Pennsylvania, Republican plans fall apart across the country. This campaign is a linchpin. Please, contribute $10 to Joe Sestak today.

Keep fighting,
Markos Moulitsas
Founder, Daily Kos

And to remind us all why this matters, I give you this.

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