“Party All The Time” With COVID-19

March 19, 2020

I got so tired to seeing stupid parodies of this tune in response to the number one story worldwide at the moment, so I thought I’d add my own idiotic contribution:

Oh he’s such a shitty one, shitty one
Bungling this health care conflagration
Getting public testing kits just begun
And still a year away from vaccination
45 shut up, just give up, while we’re still alive
Get your staff on board with Amendment 25
My, my, my, ay, ay, wooh!
M-m-m my Corona!

South Korea’s closer, huh, China too
Rid Corona in their population
While we sanitize with social distancing
As if that’s gonna stop contamination
Never gonne stop telling lies that are so absurd
Republicans vote out every one this November 3rd
My, my, my, ay, ay, wooh!
M-m-m my Corona!

Seriously, if you need help, please click here for starters (and to give help, please click here).

“Treason’s Greetings” To You Too, Laura!

December 6, 2018

I give you the following based on this (and just in time for the “War on Christmas”)…

Laura the “Code Red” tyrant
Ran her Fox News show with dread
Her brother this September
Said her heart is “kind of dead”
Comparing libs to ISIS
Wasn’t for her one bit strange
Like piling on Jim Acosta
And ignoring climate change

Then when David Hogg fought back to Laura’s tweet one day
Fox execs all ran and hid, ‘cos “you don’t attack a kid”

Still advertisers left her, though she did retain her job
But Laura was apoplectic: “They all gave in to the mob!”

Seriously, something is wrong with her…

Update 12/7/18: Pot, meet kettle.

Update 6/2/19: Looks like Laura is having more sponsor trouble (here).

Up, Up and Away, Trumpsters!

August 10, 2018

Space Force Again
Kind of bringing this site back a little bit for this item (more here)…

I saw an item from our local news station on Twitter that had a poll about which logo design was most popular for the Trumpian “space force” recently announced here (my contribution to that appears above).

However, I think asking people about a logo only misses the point a bit. I mean, for such a stirring initiative such as a “Space Force,” don’t you think a “fight song” should be included? You know…something rousing to get the blood going? The whole “spirit of adventure” thing, and like that?

Well, with that in mind, here is my contribution:

Space Force, fly in the sky
Far from Mueller’s legal “reach”
Or the Manafort trial
While Rod Rosentein’s impeached
Here’s to changing the narrative from children in jail
And Butina, FSB, NRA “fail”
While our country wonders “Why?”
Fly, space force fly!

Space Force, fly in the sky
Far from Wilbur Ross, a thief
While Trump’s new Twitter feud
With LeBron beggars belief
Is this just a new stunt for Congress to save
From voter disgust and the coming “blue wave”?
Could this be just one more lie?
Fly, space force fly!

(I got a kick out of the way MSNBC reported this with the caption “Guardians of the Galaxy” under Mike Pence while he was giving a speech about it. Yeah, I’d say the whole damn thing is pretty cartoonish also.)

Bad Behavior By Guv in Jersey? Sure!

July 8, 2017

Makes me recall this TV show (a little late, I know – more here)…

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful slip
From this buffoonish governor
Who’s clearly lost his grip
His fate is the lowest approval rate
In states from shore to shore
And he just played NJ for saps
Like every time before – like every time before

He just shut down the government
To hurt Dems, I suppose
And if not for the humor of these online memes
The beaches would stay closed

No tunnel train nor bridge to cross
Not a transit “luxury”
Like every rich Republican
He’s primitive as can be

His ship of state’s aground again
On this well-traveled isle


With “Gilligan”


The “Skipper” too


The billionaire and his wife


The faded rock star

And all the rest*


On Chris Christie’s Isle

I’m waiting for the “meme” of Christie in the beach chair on the moon (any day now, I’m sure).

*-Ending of the theme for the first season



Ode To Bowling Green (Updates)

February 6, 2017


Visited by the muse once again…

Carry me back to old Bowling Green
The sight of a terror attack never seen
It shows off its Broadway-town glitz and the “glam”
From its urban enclave that was Fort Amsterdam
It’s hard to believe such a place we adore
Was a site where Americans died by the score
But no patriot’s blood there was ever once shed
As with Fredrick Douglass, who was already dead

Carry me back to old Bowling Green
‘Cos if Kellyanne’s wrong, what on earth did she mean?
Is she’s sleepy? Misguided? Covering tracks?
Or is this one more case of “alternative facts”?
Yes, KY defendants sought harm from Iraq
But they’re convicted, sentenced and won’t be sent back
So shore up the homeland so no terror’s sown
But tell Mar-a-Lago it’s all on its own

Thank you – I’ll be signing autographs in the lobby…

Update 2/10/17: At a certain point, there truly are no words (good thing nobody told them about the Phineas Fogbottom Rabid Poultry Infestation, the Skeezix Head Lice Trauma, or the Joan Bletingfield Flatulence Continuation or else we would REALLY have a problem)…

Update 2/19/17: Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the brave people of Sweden who continue to labor diligently and live their lives as best they can in the total absence of a terrorist attack (here). How long must they live with the threat of violence that afflicted no casualties whatsoever on the people of that great country? And by the way

Time To “Get Some Game,” Dems!

September 24, 2010

Or, as Will Rogers said, “chaotic action is preferable to orderly inaction”…hopefully he would have found this to be funny.

(Maybe a return to posting tomorrow – don’t know yet.)

Some Musical “Mao-Practice” In Tribute To “Jacko”

August 21, 2010

Good enough to make me dust off my “little red book” (even though I have a feeling that that guy making the motion with his hands is going to give me nightmares)…

Hopefully I’ll get back to posting soon, even though what passes for our political discourse is particularly stupid at the moment (though I guess this isn’t helping either, but a laugh now and then doesn’t hurt).

A “Condi Comeback” With The “Queen Of Soul”?

July 21, 2010

This tells us that Aretha Franklin will be performing at the Mann Center for Performing Arts in these parts next Tuesday July 27th, with musical accompaniment provided by former Bushco Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (as the story tells us, Rice is an accomplished classical pianist).

With that in mind, I wondered if Dr. Rice would care to take a shot at a certain timeless hit from the show’s headliner (here). And if she did, I have a feeling that it would go something like this…

Think (think) think (think) think (think)
think (think) think (think) think (think)

You better think (think) think, or you just might see me once again
Yeah, think – I might lead a 2012 White House win

Let’s go back, let’s go back, let’s go way on way back when
You didn’t even know me, I couldn’t have been too much more than 10 (‘bout 11)
A classmate bombed to death made me know the racists were insane
But after I was a doctor, I still shared their politics all the same

You better think (think) think, or you just might see me once again
Yeah, think – I might lead a 2012 White House win

It’s be freedom (freedom), freedom (freedom), freedom, yeah freedom
Freedom (freedom), freedom (freedom), freedom, ooh freedom (that’s what I call it)

There ain’t nothing you could ask I could answer you but I won’t (on Iraq)
About Iran – put me in charge and pre-emptive war would be back

You better think (think) think, or you just might see me once again
Yeah, think – I might lead a 2012 White House win

Bolton says I’m no hard liner, playin’ games for a fight
He should chill, that PNAC fool – the world’s wrong, and I know I’m right

You better think (think) think, or you just might see me once again
Yeah, think – I might lead a 2012 White House win

Let’s “nation build,” give one more try
One more 9/11, and then let those warheads fly

Ooooh yeah, say goodbye to me (and goodbye to you)

(To the bone for deepness, to the bone for deepness, to the bone for deepness, think about it)

You had better stop and think before you think, think!!

I hope Former Madame Secretary sticks to her career in music and holding down cushy jobs at conservative-friendly think tanks, as opposed to entering public life once more (and I’ll “stick to my day job” also:-).

Tuning Into America

December 1, 2008

I thought this was an interesting New York Times article, which basically tells us that, while the image of this country abroad has suffered mightily under President Highest Disapproval Rating In Gallup Poll History, it seems that the rest of the world just can’t get enough of what gets churned out by the entertainment biz in the U.S., regardless of who’s in charge.

And I thought this excerpt was kind of funny, though perhaps inappropriately so…

Hilary Rosen, the former chairwoman of the Recording Industry Association of America, who was also present at the post-9/11 meetings, said that (Karl) Rove and other White House officials were looking for the kind of support Hollywood gave the United States during World War II.

“They wanted the music industry, the movie industry, the TV industry to produce propaganda,” she said. “Rove was putting a lot of pressure on us.”

I say “inappropriately” because of what had happened prior to that, of course, but when you realize how much of our corporate media (the Beltway “chattering classes” in particular) were totally “in the tank” for our ruling cabal of crooks, to the point where they were nothing but ciphers for Rove and company anyway…yeah, it’s kind of laughable (also considering how much conservatives routinely demonize Hollywood as some sort of hot bed of liberal subversion – oh, and by the way, I wonder if “An American Carol” is out on DVD yet? Any shot at turning a profit?).

Well, the answer seems plainly obvious, even to a filthy, unkempt liberal blogger such as yours truly; we need to turn our political-media culture (such as it is) into entertainment (aside from the low farce that it often is anyway, I mean).

And here are some ideas…

“GOP Survivor: Washington, D.C.” – Freshmen Republican U.S. House members gather at a “watering hole” in nearby Georgetown to plot, form alliances, and generally belittle each other in private interviews prior to participating in a series of competitions, with the winner to be awarded the position of House Minority Leader. Contestants must compete to see who can stand on perches mounted inside the Capitol rotunda for the longest period of time, conduct the longest interview on C-SPAN without a “bio break,” and see who can come up with the biggest list of pejorative words to describe the Democratic Party opposition (spoiler alert; no one wins because, at the end, the current minority leader, John Boehner, refuses to give up his position).

(Update 12/3/08: Just for the record, I messed up some things in that prior writeup that I fixed a few minutes ago.)

“The Harry And Mitch Variety Hour” – This week’s show features comedian Rush Limbaugh introducing a home video he made after popping too many OxyContin pills before flying down to Puerto Rico looking for hookers. Future episodes will include the song stylings of former Attorney General John “Lost An Election To A Dead Guy” Ashcroft, a re-enactment of his misadventure in the Minneapolis, MN airport men’s room with Larry Craig, and a film tribute of President-Almost-Gone George W. Bush and his most memorable malaprops. And as always, the show closes with the theme song “No, Harry,” describing all the ways Harry bargains, cajoles and occasionally sells his soul to pass legislation in the Senate, only to have Mitch defeat it in the end. Brought to you by Geritol.

“Barack!” – The creators of “CSI” bring us this cutting-edge drama starring the first African-American President of the United States, meeting with key Cabinet secretaries in the morning, flying out on Air Force One to resolve an international terrorist crisis – sometimes while brandishing an assault rifle or shoulder-fired rocket launcher – in the afternoon, and returning to our nation’s capital to resolve a family conflict in the evening (the “blaxploitation” genre lives again, with a healthy dose of the Huxtables and a dash of “The ‘A’ Team”).

And in this week’s episode, the Speaker of the House comes down with a case of “jungle fever.”

(Hey, compared to what most of the world thinks of us at this moment, how could this NOT be an improvement?)

Sarah Gives Us “The Bird”

November 21, 2008

In case you missed it, here’s Sarah Palin’s interview while turkeys are being slaughtered (can’t make this stuff up, you know? And I loved the MSNBC captions).

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