A Letter To My Party

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Dear Democratic U.S. House “Leadership”

Though I don’t agree with it of course, I have come to accept the comparatively few instances of principled opposition from you to the unceasing kleptocratic garbage from our Problem-Child-In-Chief and the other feckless miscreants who populate this outlaw presidential administration. At least the U.S. Senate Democrats have voted basically en masse against the cabinet nominees of Generalissimo Trump, so that is progress of a sort, even though those people were almost all confirmed.

However, I am writing to you now to point out that, with the notable exception of Rep. Al Green of Texas, you have shied away from using the “I” word at every opportunity concerning the individual who managed to ascend to the White House aided by the considerable influence of a foreign hostile power. Donald J. Trump has committed what, in all likelihood, are provable violations of the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, to say nothing of dereliction of duty in that he has failed to safeguard classified information that has potentially put our own personnel at risk as well as those of other countries; and now, recently, based on the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey (fired by Trump over Comey’s investigation of Russia’s meddling in our election), it has come to light that Trump obstructed Comey over that very investigation.

Now, this story tells us that Trump’s attorney is refusing to rule out the possibility that Trump may fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is looking into Russia’s influence and related business dealings involving past and current members of this administration (a la former President Richard Nixon firing Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox).

If that happens, I demand that every member of the Democratic U.S. House caucus call for the immediate impeachment of Donald Trump. This country deserves a thorough investigation into exactly what role Russia played in last year’s election and what past and current members of this administration did to facilitate that country’s actions, as well as learning what they stood to gain for doing so. Any attempt by this president to thwart this activity should call for nothing less than his immediate removal from office.


A Loyal Democrat

Update 1: What I said above was intended to cover anyone working for Number 45 as well as President Big Orange Cheetoh himself (here).

Update 2: More like this

5 Responses to A Letter To My Party

  1. Don says:

    We liberals betas males and females have Fate on our side. We have the deceased spirits of lateJohn F., Robert F. and Dr.MLK, Jr. and brother X. These brothers bloodshed gave conservatism a window to deceive the American people in our most vulnerable hours of grief. Liberals whites, blacks and other minorities had their souls torn apart in 1960s.USA begins downward spiritual spiral.Democratic presidents tried to reverse out downward spiritual spiral, but in vain their efforts weren’t enough. We should accept the martyr from Alexandria, VA as partial reciprocity payment for 3 arsonists of Ancient Library (Alexandria, Egypt).We should demand immediate(12:01AM on 6/22/17, Thursday=35) resignations of 7 most senior republicans senators plus bimbo and bimbee from my beloved Louisiana. These 9 US senate seats plus 50 super conservative (gerrymandering) house seats resignations, all conservstives on Supreme Court and best total resignations of entire administration of White House occupants as current atonement good will offer for the 7 sailors “brothern” lost in collision off Japan’s coast. Buffonism, never ceasing diaherra mouth(twitter tweets) are elevating those whom are serving us with unnecassry added stress

  2. Laurie Kalata says:

    I just read an article by you and Josh Boak regarding the new fed chief Jerome Powell. How could you manage to write the entire article and not mention President Trump once in the article. You mentioned Obama, you mentioned Bush but not once did you mention the man who nominated him. Amazing!

    Laurie Kalata
    Midlothian VA

  3. doomsy says:

    I don’t know what you’re referring to. I never wrote an article with Josh Boak or anyone else about Jerome Powell.

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