Mike Rosen, No Better Than Our Enemy

October 12, 2010

“Worst Persons” (Doug Schoen gets the “bronze” for deciding to speak at a fundraiser for John Gomez for Congress, with Gomez a pal of Sean Inanity – yeah, but Schoen is a “Dem”…sure he is; Ed Gillespie gets the “runner up” for claiming that the Washington Post and the New York Times “completely refudiated” the charge of foreign money being donated to election campaigns by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – in reality, the Times and the WaPo just didn’t ask the right questions about it – the issue is still very much an issue…more on this here; but Mike Rosen of the Denver Post gets the nod for claiming that he wants the “ground zero mosque” to be built, and then he wants an Iranian plane hijacked and flown right into it…moron)

Update 1 10/14/10: And I would call this something else to keep in mind about the “‘Chamber’ of secrets.”

Update 2 10/14/10: Here is another news flash for Gillespie & co.

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