The Teabaggin’ “Nashville Non-Event”

February 23, 2010

The latest from Pap and Ring of Fire…

A Lesson In “Rewrite Therapy”

February 5, 2010

The latest from Pap on the wingnut worldview…

The Supreme Court’s “Five Circus Midgets”

January 29, 2010

The latest from Pap on that dreadful Citizens United ruling…

Pap’s “Fearful Fringe”

January 13, 2010

Today, we learn about some apocalyptic nutball named Harold Camping (and yeah, I hate it too when people use online aliases in lieu of their real names :-)).

This Is Why They’re Called “The Banksters”

January 7, 2010

And based on this, it looks like Little Timmeh Geithner is going to get bounced (h/t HuffPo) – if Chris Dodd is nominated to replace him, it will be a bruising confirmation fight, but it will be worth it…

…and by the way, if Pap’s report isn’t a reason to join this campaign, I don’t know what is.

Casting The RINOs Into The Wilderness

December 13, 2009

As you watch Pap’s commentary below, please keep in mind that, as Keith Olbermann demonstrated a little while ago, even The Sainted Ronnie R wouldn’t pass the “purity test” that bears his name.

(By the way, posting will be questionable for the next few days.)

Pap Dunks Santelli And The Teabaggers

May 1, 2009

Would that these numbskulls had used their energy to tell their politicians to close the offshore tax loopholes noted in this video instead of staging these infantile little “parties” (or maybe a few more phone calls from them could have saved the “cramdown” that just failed).

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