More Mikey Energy Idiocy And Fracking Fairy Tales

July 11, 2013

I’m going to be behind with stuff for a little while yet, but I absolutely couldn’t ignore the latest nonsense from our wet noodle PA-08 U.S. House rep from last July 4th (here)…

By matching American ingenuity and enthusiasm to resources, North America could be energy-independent within the next decade.

We are well on our way. Energy production in the United States is booming. Much of this growth stems from new and innovative ways to extract oil and gas from once hard-to-reach deposits in North America, including the Marcellus Shale areas of Pennsylvania. By harnessing our resources through environmentally safe yet efficient means, it is likely that the United States will become the top oil manufacturer in the world, overtaking Saudi Arabia – a profound shift in the energy universe.

Everything Mikey says is validated from here – shocking for him to demonstrate this degree of accuracy (it gets better, though; besides, given the fact that this country is a safer energy bet than the Middle East, it kind of makes me wonder why the political party of Mikey’s affiliation supported Dubya’s Not So Excellent Adventure in Iraq, though I know that’s oil leaking under the barge, as they say).


By combining our natural gas, oil, clean coal, nuclear, and sustainable resources as part of a diverse energy portfolio, we can position America as an international leader in energy innovation, in economic power, and in prosperity and freedom for our people, our businesses, and our nation.

First, anytime anyone uses the phrase “clean coal” in a discussion concerning energy, rest assured that they’re full of “bullpuckey,” as Rachel Maddow might say. Second, it’s nice for Mikey to talk about “renewable” energy, but the problem is that the moronic “leadership” of his party in the House just tried to scrap renewable energy and energy efficiency programs that cost less than $1 billion (here).


In order to reap the benefits of energy independence, I will continue to support the Keystone XL pipeline, the responsible development of shale gas and drilling – on and off shore – and sound investments in renewable energy.

As stated, Mikey, maybe you support those “sound investments,” but your party certainly doesn’t.

I call on President Obama and my fellow lawmakers to remove unnecessary, burdensome restrictions on the energy sector, pass more pro-energy legislation, and find ways to work with, not against, energy producers.

Oh, and about those supposedly pesky environmental regs, let it be known that Mikey supported the following (noted here):

  • The TRAIN Act, which would have created a special committee to oversee the EPA’s rules and regulations and required the agency (For the first time in its history) to consider economic impacts on polluters when it sets standards concerning how much air pollution is too much (with “not your father’s Repug Party” putting profits over people’s health and well-being yet again – here)
  • The REINS Act, which, as noted here, would have mandated that any new regulation that is deemed to be a “major regulation” (having an impact of $100,000,000 or more) must be approved by both the House and the Senate (and not only that, it must happen within 70 days of being submitted to Congress…which begs the question – aside from the likely unconstitutionality of allowing the legislative branch for basically usurp a function of the executive, when what the last time this congress did anything in 70 days?)
  • The Upton-Inhofe bill (from U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee Head Fred Upton and Legendary Climate Change Denier Jim Inhofe in the Senate) that would have eliminated the EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions (dubbed by House Dem Gerry Connolly as the Koch Brothers Appreciation Act – here).
  • And concerning the Keystone XL pipeline, as noted from here, “The only thing beyond any doubt is that KXL would be far more destructive to the climate than the State Department has let on, a key reason why both the EPA and major environmental groups have asked State to redo its environmental impact statement.” And this is because, as Think Progress points out, “Tar sands are considerably more energy intensive to extract and refine than typical crude oil.”

    And as far as this country supposedly “fracking” its way to energy self-sufficiency, I give you the following from here

    “Energy independence.” “Family-sustaining jobs.” “Transition to renewable energy.” – These have been the promises made to residents in shale states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Maryland, and West Virginia since the ‘fracking boom’ came to the northeastern United States several years ago.

    But as time passes, the glimmer of these promises has faded into a starker reality – the jobs are fewer and far more dangerous than imagined – government and industry are gearing up to ship our domestic shale gas supplies overseas – foreign countries like China are buying out large shale lease holdings on American soil – property values are diminished for leased landowners and their neighbors – and in places like the (PA) Laurel Highlands, industrial development threatens the tourism and recreation industries that already provide sustainable economies.


    On Thursday, July 11th, MWA’s Marcellus Citizen Stewardship Project is coordinating visits to State Senators offices in Westmoreland and Fayette Counties as part of a statewide effort to support a moratorium, called “Independence from Fracking.”

    (Sorry I couldn’t get the word out on this before today…)

    It’s not surprising in the least for Mikey to be an utterly craven shill of the energy industry, though, considering that, as noted here, he not only voted against funding renewable energy, but also…

  • Voted to fundamentally rewrite our national mining policy by ending a decade-long congressional ban on the sale of public lands to mining companies
  • Voted against requiring federal agencies to identify the environmental impacts of their programs on minority and low-income populations and to develop policies for implementing their programs in a nondiscriminatory manner
  • Voted to cut discretionary spending on the environment and natural resources by $2.85 billion, more than 9 percent below the previous year’s levels…among the hardest hit are the Land and Water Conservation Fund, as well as programs to invest in clean water infrastructure, protect oceans and coasts, and conserve agricultural lands
  • Voted to waive any federal or state law in building roads, walls, fences and other barriers along U.S. borders. In addition to jeopardizing a wide array of protected federal lands, the waiver provision would deny citizens the right to appeal
  • Mikey likes to talk about “taking risks” here, when in fact, the only “risk taking” that matters is to stand in the way of our headlong rush into fracking for natural gas, which pose a very real threat to the sustainable economies mentioned earlier (and to learn more about all of this, click here to read about “Gasland 2,” the sequel to filmmaker Josh Fox’s landmark documentary on this subject).

    Update: Oh, and did you hear the one about how Mikey the Beloved and his pals voted to cut food stamp funding by separating it from the farm bill?

    Unfortunately, it’s no joke, though he is (and they are – here – Update 7/12/13…And to do something about it, click here).

    You Want “Christie In PA”? Vote For Corbett.

    July 7, 2010

    The latest from Keystone Progress…

    As out-of-state drilling companies plan thousands of new natural gas sites in Pennsylvania, the tragic spill in the Gulf has shown us just how dangerous drilling can be. In the next few years, it will be up to our state’s elected officials to make sure that all of the new drilling is done as safely and as responsibly as possible. Attorney General Tom Corbett is asking us to elect him as our next governor – to give him the power to regulate this industry and to protect our health and safety.

    That’s why it’s so frightening that he’s accepted $360,000 from the natural gas interests he hopes to regulate. Perhaps more frightening, he’s accepted $3,000 in contributions from one of the worst polluters in the history of the world – Anadarko Petroleum, which co-owns the BP Deepwater Horizon well and holds the drilling rights to 33,000 acres of Pennsylvania’s public lands.

    Click here to tell Mr. Corbett to give that money back!

    On May 13, 2010, three weeks after the oil spill began, Corbett accepted a $3,000 contribution from the Texas based Anadarko Petroleum PAC. Anadarko owns 25% of the well that is destroying the Gulf of Mexico and has thus far refused to help pay to stop the leak, to clean up the mess, or to compensate victims.

    Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania and Keystone Progress called on Mr. Corbett to return those funds and to refuse any further contribution from Anadarko until that company had fulfilled its responsibility to those affected by the tragedy in the Gulf.

    Mr. Corbett refused.

    As the Philadelphia Inquirer reported:

    “Mr. Corbett said that, as the GOP nominee for governor, he was interested in how the company operated its Pennsylvania gas fields. ‘Anadarko is here in Pennsylvania,” he said in an interview. “We’re looking at their conduct in Pennsylvania.'”

    If this company refuses to take responsibility for the incredibly public disaster in the Gulf, what makes him think that they’ll behave more responsibly in Pennsylvania? If he’s wants to be in charge of the state regulators who will ensure that drilling here is done safely, shouldn’t he refuse contributions from a company that has already proven itself a tremendous risk?

    In 2006, Mr. Corbett told the graduates of Waynesburg College that: “responsibility means having the inner moral strength to always do what is right, even when those around you make other choices.”

    So if Anadarko won’t take responsibility, it’s up to Mr. Corbett to publicly rebuke that company for its failings – just as we’d want him to hold them accountable if their drilling polluted Pennsylvania – and to give back their money. So far, he has refused. It’s up to us to remind him that protecting the health and safety of Pennsylvanians is the right choice to make:

    Click here to demand that Corbett return Anadarko’s contributions.

    Drilling for natural gas in Pennsylvania has already caused explosions, poisoned drinking water and damaged food supplies. Nationwide, over 1000 instances of hazardous pollution from natural gas drilling sites have been reported. We don’t know how many have gone unreported. As more and more companies start to drill in Pennsylvania, our leaders and our regulators must be strong, independent and determined to put our safety first. Only engaged citizens like you can make that happen. Thank you.

    For a clean, safe and healthy Pennsylvania,

    Josh McNeil, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania

    Michael Morrill, Keystone Progress

    And by the way, I recently watched the superb documentary “Gasland” by PA’s Josh Fox, and if anyone out there thinks that Corbett wouldn’t open up the Marcellus Shale for natural gas development and endanger the drinking water of millions in the process (from PA to NYC)…well, you must also believe in the Easter Bunny and sugar plum fairies.

    Fortunately, we have a proven alternative (below).

    Update: You know what? Commenter Dr. Jeff Gordon is absolutely right, and I was wrong to imply that Corbett and Onorato have differences on drilling in the Marcellus Shale. I was so preoccupied with Corbett that I didn’t realize how bad Onorato is as well on this matter. I have other differences with Corbett, such as closing the Florida gun loophole, which Onorato supports but Corbett considers a non-issue.

    Being “green” is smart, but I don’t know how drilling for natural gas can fall under that category.

    Update 7/13/10: I would say that this tells us about another important difference between Corbett and Onorato.

    Update 7/15/10: And this is a pretty damn pathetic joke signed onto by Corbett also.

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