A Repug Political Pigskin Preview

February 4, 2010

This item at the AEI blog, timed for the Super Bowl, tells us of three former NFLers who are seeking political office next year: former Pittsburgh Steeler Jay Riemersma, former Washington Redskin Clint Didier, and former Philadelphia Eagle Jon Runyan.

Riemersma is running for the U.S. House seat to be vacated by Repug Rep Pete Hoekstra, who will run for governor of Michigan. And as noted here, Riemersma is no slouch when it comes to fundraising, having hired a company to help him in his efforts (and he cited a rotator cuff injury here as “divine intervention” that led him from a position change as a quarterback to a tight end; yep, that should go over big with those “values voters” all right).

Didier has got Riemersma beat when it comes to wingnuttery, though. As noted here…

EVERETT – Ex-NFL tight end Clint Didier announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate on Monday with an inspirational quote from Glenn Beck, a blast at environmentalists and warnings about Obama Administration “czars.”

In an interview, Didier came out at a global warming skeptic, citing hacked e-mails from gossipy scientists at a British university, and saying science has been “altered” so as “to make it look like it is truly happening.”

“They say the glaciers are shrinking but with information I’m receiving, it seems clear that the (Arctic) ice is reforming and expanding,” he said.

“Reforming and expanding,” huh? Sounds like somebody has been out in the woods a bit too long.

A Washington native and Portland State University graduate, Didier played with three Washington Redskins’ Super Bowl teams, and made a name for himself as a team player. He relates a dream on the night before the 1987 Super Bowl.

“I dreamed that we would win the game, that I would score a touchdown and that we would come from behind,” Didier said.

The dream literally came true the next day. The ‘Skins spotted Denver a 10-0 lead, and roared back to win 42-10.

So one of these guys has a vision of divine intervention, and the other can supposedly read the future in his dreams. Uh huh.

And Didier is aiming higher than Riemersma, since he’s trying to take over the seat of Dem Patty Murray in the U.S. Senate. Wonder what his dream will tell him the night before the election?

Update 5/18/10: More “do as I say, not as I do” BS from Didier here (h/t Think Progress)…

So that leaves us with Jon Runyan, and as we learn here…

Congressional candidate John (sic) Runyan, the NFL lineman, is another person taking advantage of a law meant to protect farmers from high taxes. On his 20-acre spread he pays $57,000 on the five acres around his house. On the other 15, he pays $468 because he gets a farmland break. Specifically, he uses five acres for donkeys and 15 for timber. Did the controversy surrounding former state Sen. Ellen “Christmas Tree” Karcher send politicians a message? That law needs to be changed so that it applies only to people who are farmers for a living. Enough time has passed since the last blowup to get that done. Why isn’t it been changed? Too many connected folks taking advantage of it, maybe?

Maybe Runyan can ask Riemersma for a bit of heavenly guidance on this matter also. And I would suggest that Runyan ask Didier to dream up an election win, but sadly, Runyan is running against DINO John Adler, so no mystical invention may be necessary to flip the NJ-03 seat to the “R” column.

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