Bursting the Bri-Fi “Moderate” Bubble (Updates)

October 12, 2020

A huge hat tip goes out to Kierstyn P. Zolfo of #Indivisible on Twitter for compiling this list of the 10 worst votes by our allegedly “independent” PA-01 U.S. House Rep Brian Fitzpatrick (and by the way, the pic is a nod to his behavior towards his Dem challenger Christina Finello for the PA-01 seat during the most recent debate)…


H.R. 6800 – Fitzpatrick voted No on the HEROES Act (here).

For a refresher on the HEROES Act, please click here.


H.R. 7301 – Fitzpatrick voted No on protecting homeowners and renters from pandemic-related evictions and foreclosures (here).

This bill was sponsored by Dem U.S. House Rep Maxine Waters of CA, a frequent Trump critic, which I’m sure had more than a little bit to do with why Bri-Fi voted against it, not that that’s actually a good reason I hasten to add (here).

Oh, and speaking of Waters, apparently this Repug-come-lately named Joe Collins who is running for Waters seat is talking a lot of smack about her (here). And the fact that Collins is a Navy vet doesn’t give him a pass here either.


H.R. 4617 – Fitzpatrick voted No on the SHIELD Act to enhance the security of our elections (here).

This bill was the third attempt by U.S. House Democrats to shore up the security of our elections; of course, all of those bills ended in the U.S. Senate legislative graveyard of Sen. Mr. Elaine Chao.

According to the article from The Hill…

The bill, sponsored by House Administration Committee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), would require campaigns to report any illicit offers of assistance by foreign governments or agents and would take steps to ensure that online political advertisements are subject to the same rules as TV and radio ads.

“The 2020 federal elections are fast approaching. Public confidence and trust in our elections is of the utmost importance,” Lofgren said on the House floor before the vote. “Free and fair elections are at the core of what it means to live in a democracy like ours. … It is our solemn duty to defend them.”

I guess Bri-Fi doesn’t care about the security of our elections. Figures.


H.R. 3239 – Fitzpatrick voted No on a bill to provide humane treatment for detainees at our border, establishing minimum standards such as providing diapers for babies as well as food and toilets for adults also (here).

More on the bill is here (I truly cannot imagine what could be controversial about supporting this bill, except for the fact that it made the head of Bri-Fi’s party look like the unfeeling sociopath that he truly is as shown here).


H.R. 1644 – Fitzpatrick voted No on a bill to restore Net Neutrality (here).

This bill was authored by Dem U.S. House Rep Mike Doyle of PA, and it would have codified a 2015 FCC policy that ensured that internet providers treated all data requests equally and did not throttle traffic to less-favored sites. Of course, Trump’s handpicked Commission chair Ajit Pai pushed through a repeal of the policy in late 2017 (more here).

This probably isn’t surprising given that one of Bri-Fi’s biggest bundlers is Comcast (here).


H.R. 3624 – Fitzpatrick voted No on a bill requiring companies to disclose their outsourcing practices (here).

As noted here

The law would also require employers to report a percentage change in the number of employees, by state and country. That way, if your employer laid off 1,000 employees in your state, and hired 1,000 employees in India, the issue would be apparent to the American people.

“In order to recognize companies that hire American workers, we need more information on where workers are based,” said Sherrod Brown (D-OH). “It’s not enough to say you’re dedicated to employing American workers – this will hold companies to the promise to keep workers and business here at home.”

More on the bill is here.


H.R. 3621 – Fitzpatrick voted No on a bill to protect consumers from bad credit reporting practices (here).

This bill, introduced by Dem U.S. House Rep Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, is actually pretty broad-based in terms of providing relief to all sorts of credit applicants, as well as strengthening the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (heresee what happens when you elect Dems who look out for you, as opposed to people like Bri-Fi?).

More on the bill is here.


H.R. 1423 – Fitzpatrick voted No on a bill to protect abused employees from forced arbitration (here).

Dem U.S. House Rep Jerrold Nadler said the following about the bill here

“Nearly a century ago, Congress enacted the Federal Arbitration Act to allow merchants to resolve run-of-the-mill contract disputes in a system of private arbitration that would be legally enforceable. The system that Congress envisioned was to be used voluntarily and only between merchants of equal bargaining power.

“However, the Supreme Court over the past 40 years has issued a series of decisions that have expanded the use of arbitration far beyond Congress’s original intent or a fair reading of the text of the Arbitration Act—creating the unjust system we see today.

“Private arbitration has been transformed from a voluntary forum for companies to resolve commercial disputes into a legal nightmare for millions of consumers, employees, and others who are forced into arbitration and are unable to enforce certain fundamental rights in court


“H.R. 1423, the FAIR Act, reverses this disastrous trend by prohibiting the enforcement of forced arbitration clauses in consumer, labor, antitrust, and civil rights disputes. Importantly, this legislation does not preclude parties from agreeing to arbitrate a claim after the dispute arises, which will ensure that arbitration agreements are truly voluntary and transparent.

“It does, however, prevent unsuspecting consumers and employees from being forced to give up their right to seek justice in court.

More on the bill is here.

Don’t worry; I’ve saved the two absolute worst votes for last:


H Res 755 – Vote to Impeach President Donald Trump for High Crimes and Misdemeanors (here) – Fitzpatrick voted No of course.

More is here (and here).

And finally (even though it took place in the prior Congressional session)…


H.R. 1 – Fitzpatrick voted YES to the utterly ruinous GOP tax scam bill in December 2017 (here…more here).

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities did a much better job of giving this piece of legislative garbage the treatment it so thoroughly deserves; the best thing to do I think is to block out as much time as you can and read their post here. However, I’d like to put up the following graphic from their post which tells the story as far as I’m concerned.

This should prove beyond any doubt that there is nothing “moderate” about Bri-Fi. And to do something about him which is long overdue as far as I’m concerned, please click here to support Christina Finello (and for PA-31 folks, please click here to support Dem incumbent state rep Perry Warren).

Update 10/13/20: And support from the Proud Boys too, huh (here)? Bri-Fi sure keeps interesting company.

Update 10/27/20: I have a couple of late additions to this post:

H.R. 36 – Fitzpatrick voted YES on a bill to restrict abortion even if the mother’s life is in danger and in most cases of rape or incest, and said he would “absolutely” vote to defund Planned Parenthood (here).

This has to do with some legislative monstrosity called the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act sponsored by Bri-Fi’s former fellow House Repug Trent Franks of Arizona, which sought to “(amend) the federal criminal code to make it a crime for any person to perform or attempt to perform an abortion if the probable post-fertilization age of the fetus is 20 weeks or more” (here). As nearly as I can tell, this bill died in the Senate (last action is that it failed to proceed to a vote, fortunately).

In response, 23 different medical organizations wrote in opposition to the bill (here).

And by the way, if the name Trent Franks sounds familiar, it should. As noted here, he resigned from Congress when the House Ethics Committee announced that it would investigate allegations of sexual harassment against him for supposedly asking two female staffers to bear his children as surrogate mothers, with Franks allegedly offering one of them $5 million to carry his child, and retaliating against her when she declined.

Also, as noted here, Scott Wallace, who ran for Bri-Fi’s U.S. House seat and lost in 2018, claimed that Fitzpatrick supported an amendment by Fitzpatrick’s fellow House Repug Fred Upton of Michigan to “decimate funding for pre-existing conditions.” I’m merely presenting what Wallace said here – I have not been able to find a link to a roll call vote on that one (thought it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it turned out to be true).

Update 10/29/20: And let’s not forget Fitzpatrick’s utterly incorrect claim that the World Health Organization basically blew the call on COVID-19 (here).

Update 11/1/20: Oh yeah, I also forgot that Bri-Fi supports nullification, if you will, of PA’s gun laws ,which sounds better from a marketing perspective than “concealed-carry reciprocity,” though it’s the same damn thing (here).

“Comcastic” = Lousy Cable (And Online) Programming

May 22, 2010

Brought to you by that “Marxist” group I mentioned here (second item – and once again, Al Franken has stood tall on this, while all the other pols, particularly in PA, have cowered like frightened rabbits).

Wednesday Mashup Part One (5/12/10)

May 12, 2010

  • In local election news “across the river,” I should let you know that Tony Mack won the right to run against either Eric Jackson (public works director under outgoing Mayor Doug Palmer) or at-large Councilman Manny Segura in the Trenton, NJ mayoral election on June 15th, as noted here.

    And in news involving someone who may end up as a candidate for a Darwin Award, mayoral candidate and author/activist Shahid Watson took over somebody’s house for the purposes of setting up campaign headquarters and will subsequently face charges (here…and just for the record, let it be known that Watson actually received 200 votes; maybe those are other award nominees…?).

  • And in news closer to home, this article from The Hill tells us that 15 out of 18 members of PA’s congressional delegation “signaled their support” for an NBC/Comcast merger; those who didn’t sign the letter favoring the deal were Joe Sestak (D), Mike Doyle (D) and Paul Kanjorski (D).

    What a shame that none of those signatories have anything approximating the spine of Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota, who gave Brian Roberts the upbraiding he deserved here (apparently, Comcast is surpassed only by the NRA in the Keystone State when it comes to wielding political clout).

  • Finally, as noted here by U.S. House Repug Joe (“You Lie!”) Wilson of South Carolina, today is “Jerusalem Reunification Day.”

    For a somewhat different perspective, I ask that you read this.

    And to commemorate the day further, a full page ad in the NYT from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Fund claims that former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin “gave his life for his country.”

    That’s true, but not in the way you would commonly understand it; as Wikipedia tells us here, Rabin was assassinated by Yigal Amir, a radical right-wing Orthodox Jew who opposed the signing of the Oslo Accords with PLO Leader Yasser Arafat.

  • Friday Mashup (10/30/09)

    October 30, 2009

  • Over at the AEI blog, Baby Newton Leroy Gingrich opined as follows on Wednesday (here, specifically concerning health care legislation)…

    …Senator Jim Bunning (R-I Hear Voices) recently introduced an amendment that would require legislators to make all bills public for 72 hours, with legislative text and an official budget analysis from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), prior to being considered. Democratic senators blocked the amendment.

    It is unfortunate that the Democratic leadership has decided it would be easier to rush their legislation through rather than honoring the people’s right to know. At healthtransformation.net, we have posted a petition to Washington to support the principle of Senator Bunning’s amendment by requiring Congress to make all bills public for 72 hours before voting.

    Openness is never a bad thing, I realize, even though this is tantamount to a publicity stunt by the about-to-retire Sen. “High And Tight” Bunning (can YOU read a nearly 2,000 page bill in three days? I can’t). And Gingrich is right that the amendment was voted down in the Senate.

    However, this TPM story from last month tells us the following…

    Accepting Republican demands, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised to post health care reform legislation online for 72 hours before a final vote on the bill, The Hill reports.

    House Republicans, including Minority Leader John Boehner, have introduced a petition to require three days for lawmakers to read the final bill before voting. Two Democrats, Brian Baird and Walt Minnick, have also signed on. At today’s press conference, Pelosi said she would “absolutely” support the petition.

    Besides, House Bill 3200 has been available from the House HELP site for months (how else do you think Bucks County’s big mouth pundit J.D. Mullane was able to supposedly find his “angel of death” clause?), as has the HELP bill from Sen. Bob Casey’s site, among other places.

    Oh, and the following should be noted from here concerning Mr. Former House Speaker Who Resigned In Disgrace and his alleged “openness”…

    Gingrich was the author of an infamous secret memo to GOP leaders in 1995 titled “Language: A Key Mechanism of Control”, which one of America’s foremost linguists called an outline of a strategy to frame the word “liberal” as “something akin to traitor” in the media. This was in line with his once-described goal of “reshaping the entire nation through the news media” (New York Times,12/14/94).

    And I’m still waiting to hear about Newt’s space-based air traffic control system, by the way (from here).

  • Repug Senators Orrin Hatch and Jim DeMint also inflicted us with the following from the Murdoch Street Journal site today (here, opposing the Net Neutrality rules proposed by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski)…

    Ten years ago, we effectively had no broadband marketplace. Dial-up Internet was common, but not ubiquitous. Consumers had a choice of service providers, but they were typically confined to walled gardens of preselected or preferred content. The broadband revolution led us out of that desert. Instead of dog-paddling, we could surf the net, choosing between broadband service offered by traditional phone and cable companies and, now, wireless companies as well.

    Compare that to the last decade of success at government dominated companies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, GM or Chrysler.

    Of course (as alluded to here, concerning what is probably the “granddaddy” of all the Repug big lies out there, right next to Casey Sr. not being allowed to speak at the ’92 Democratic National Convention because he was pro-life), if it weren’t for the “government,” there probably wouldn’t be an internet at all, something the Journal and their Repug playmates are counting on people to forget (heaven forbid that Al Gore actually get any credit here, right?).

    Also, it’s a good thing Hatch and DeMint opposed the “stim” and the 7.2 billion for “complete broadband and wireless Internet access,” right (here – snark)? Especially since the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) issued a report from the summer of ’08 that lists the U.S. as 15th in broadband subscribers per 100 inhabitants (here, with Japan, Francesacre bleu, wingnuts! – and Korea 1, 2 and 3 respectively).

    And it wasn’t that bad “gumint” that was found guilty of violating Net Neutrality principles by “secretly degrading or blocking peer-to-peer traffic — specifically that used by BitTorrent,” was it? Nope, it was Comcast (here).

    And by the way, to learn more about the principles of Net Neutrality (which, not coincidentally, debunk in total this ridiculous Journal column), click here.

  • Finally, House Repug John Shadegg of Arizona patted himself on the back as follows (here)…

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is a time for women across America to highlight the importance of prevention and to celebrate the millions of breast cancer survivors across our nation. This year, it is also a time to recognize the looming danger of government-run health care and what it could mean for America’s women. If Democrats in Congress pass a bill that allows Washington to take over health care, future generations of American women may be at risk.

    Shadegg then goes on to say that he “offered an amendment that would have ensured that US (breast cancer) survival rates remain high and women had the option of choosing (another health care plan). But Democrats shot it down.”

    This tells us more about Shadegg’s amendment, which would have…

    … require(d) the Government Accountability Office to perform an annual study of breast cancer survival rates. Based on the study’s findings, if five-year survival rates for breast cancer decreased by more than .1 percent, women and families with at least one female member would be allowed to purchase health insurance that does not meet the requirements set forth in the bill, 22-36.

    So basically, the amendment would not have “ensured” anything, except portability of insurance if the GAO allowed it.

    And as far as Shadegg’s record on women’s health issues is concerned, the following should be noted from here…

    • (He) twice co-sponsored legislation to override the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of mifepristone (RU 486), a safe and effective early abortion medication. [H.R.3453, 108th Cong. (2003); H.R.1079, 109th Cong. (2005)]
    • Twice co-sponsored legislation crafted establishing “personhood” at the moment of fertilization. [H.R.552, 109th Cong. (2005); H.R.618, 110th Cong. (2007)]
    • Co-sponsored legislation forcing women to undergo a medically unnecessary ultrasound procedure before receiving abortion care. [H.R.5032, 110th Cong. (2008)]
    • Voted to de-fund Title X, the nation’s only federal program dedicated exclusively to family planning and reproductive-health services. [House vote #614 (8/2/95)]
    • Voted five times to deny federal employees the right to choose a health plan that covers abortion care. [House vote #526 (7/19/95); House vote #320 (7/17/96); House vote #288 (7/16/98); House vote #301 (7/15/99); House vote #422 (7/20/00)]
    • Voted against contraceptive equity for federal employees – a provision of law that ensures health plans cover birth control equally with other prescription medications. [House vote #493 (10/7/98)]
    • Voted twice to eliminate funding completely for all international family-planning programs. [House vote #358 (9/4/97); House vote #360 (8/3/99)]

    And to get an idea of how this has worked for Shadegg’s constituents, this tells us that teen birth rates have risen sharply in his state. Also, this Think Progress post tells us more about Shadegg’s flair for demagoguery; he claimed that the congressional Democrats are trying to give us “full on Russian gulag, Soviet style health care.”

    Actually, given Shadegg’s contempt for basic women’s health care, a gulag might one day be more preferable as a location to obtain services than his own state if it continues on its present, ruinous path.

  • Update 11/7/09: Wow, I’d never consider bringing the young one to my job, and he’s way older than this baby Shadegg uses as a prop here (words fail me).

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