Two Repugs Get A “Fallin” Grade

October 6, 2010

“Worst Persons” from last night (Comedian Ralphie May is busted in Guam by a pair of drug-sniffing dogs after he stopped to pet them – yes, I know the pot he had was for a medical reason, but seriously, how dumb was that?; Teabagger U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller of Alaska is against unemployment comp for everyone except his wife; but fellow Repug and gubernatorial nominee Mary Fallin of Oklahoma gets the nod for refusing to answer questions in front of her opponent – $10 says she wins anyway in that state, and I’m still waiting for her to get called out over this).

The Teabagger “Governance” Model On Display

October 5, 2010

Our sympathies to Mr. Cranick over the loss of his home (more here), as well as the dogs and the family cat (and I think some of those other fires that weren’t put out should be looked at also, including the one where the horses were killed).

I know every firefighter who allowed this man and his family to lose their possessions over a $75 fee should be fired. The only question I have is whether or not any of them should be prosecuted.

Update 10/5/10: And why am I not surprised by this?

Update 10/6/10: And didn’t this guy call for a return to God, or something, at that little Bund rally of his last month?

A Journey Into Friday Wingnuttia

October 1, 2010

“Worst Persons” from Wednesday (“A hearse is a hearse, of course of course,” but not to a Milwaukee parking attendant; Dinesh D’Souza manages to waste more calories about President Obama’s alleged “anti-colonial” attitude and references to “British Petroleum” that he didn’t make, though a former half-term, moose-hunting Alaska governor did; but Lt. Col. Allen West gets top “honors” for announcing to the whole freaking world that, allegedly, not many people had “Secret” clearances, which is actually hilarious – do you know who once held a “Secret” defense clearance? ME, that’s who! If the DoD checks you out and you pass, they give the things out like poker chips! And by the way, the song that ends the segment, “Lies” by The Knickerbockers, definitely fits.).

A “Young Gun” Almost Shoots Off His Foot

September 24, 2010

“Worst Persons” (A former McCain/Palin campaign flak spoke out against references to Barack Hussein Obama in ’08, even though that happens to be his name, but now, Palin says that people are trying to learn more about “Yes Wiccan!” O’Donnell than, you guessed it, Barack Hussein Obama; Rand Paul really takes the long way comparing Obama to Hitler…God this is so old (how can this pinecone actually be still leading Jack Conway?); but Repug U.S. House Rep Paul Ryan gets it for supporting reconciliation after he opposed it – more here…and nice work on “Contract on America II,” as noted here)…

A “Corker” Of A Wingnuttia Money Moment

September 21, 2010

Yes, I know our corporate media is showing those two individuals from the town hall yesterday quite rightly questioning President Obama about the economy, but I think the other individual praising Obama over the automaker loan should be noted also, included in this fine report from Rachel Maddow (Bob Corker is an utterly unrepentant weasel, but we knew that already).

Not Your Father’s Republican Party

September 17, 2010

Or that of any human life form, I’m starting to think…by the way, all of the people featured here are running for the U.S. Senate except Carl Paladino, interviewed at the end by CNN’s Rick Sanchez…Paladino will run against Andrew Cuomo in the New York gubernatorial contest (heh).

There Once Was (At Least One) WTC Mosque

September 15, 2010

And K.O. tells us the story (and please disregard the snickering from the peanut gallery – the day J.D. Mullane is an expert on Islam is the same day that I learn the basics of particle fusion).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There Once Was A WTC Mosque, posted with vodpod

Have You Burned Your Quran Today?

September 9, 2010

If not, please refrain from doing so; Staff Sgt. Todd Bowers (USMC) and an Afghan vet tells us why.

(And apparently, Palin scribbled something on her Facebook page that equated Quran burning with building the “ground zero mosque” – typical.)

(And related to this issue, Think Progress brings us the wise, the mediocre at best, and the truly stupidthis is worth noting also.)

Update 9/11/10: Good for Jones for deciding to call it off – never should have even thought of it to begin with, but at least he did the right thing (here).

Maddow Responds To The Great White Dope

August 7, 2010

(Even though that description fits a lot of conservatives, for our purposes, it applies to Bill Orally.)

No, I realize this doesn’t qualify as “insult ping-pong,” which is just as well. Still, though, the adage that the truth hurts definitely applies…

…and this little number goes out to Billo.

Friday Mashup Part One (7/30/10)

July 30, 2010

  • 1) The Philadelphia Inquirer, in a shockingly sensible editorial today, tells us the following (here)…

    Former governors can choose many career paths. Some of them become college presidents. Some go on the lecture circuit.

    And then there’s Tom Ridge, who is set to become a paid shill for the natural-gas drillers swarming his native state.

    The Marcellus Shale Coalition, which represents natural-gas companies, has been negotiating to hire Ridge’s lobbying firm. The industry wants the ex-governor’s help with a campaign to educate the public about the benefits of drilling.

    It’s unclear how much Ridge will be paid, but he doesn’t come cheap. The tiny impoverished nation of Albania, for example, reportedly paid Ridge nearly $500,000 per year to lobby for its membership in NATO.

    Ex-governors are free to enrich themselves however they choose. But there’s something obnoxious about a former governor talking up an industry that poses serious environmental risks, and has already spent millions on lobbying to forestall paying its fair share of state business taxes.

    Yep, I would tend to agree with that, especially since, as noted here about the Josh Fox film “Gasland” on this subject, the industry has already wrought havoc with the lives of many across this country by fouling their water supplies in the process of trying to extract natural gas.

    And I can just picture Ridge trying to implement a color-coded alert system like the one he put into place when he headed up the DHS under Bushco – my guess is that it would go something like this:

    LOW – Water OK for drinking, washing clothes, bathing, etc…enjoy it while you can.

    GUARDED – Slimy film? What slimy film?

    ELEVATED – Hey, let’s not forget that xylene and naphthalene can break down those pesky algae and mineral deposits, OK?

    HIGH – Now I know what happened to the “wastewater” from the EOG Resources blowout.

    SEVERE – Don’t stand too close when you turn on your tap, or else…well, ever see “Ghost Rider”?

    This further amplifies my concerns…the post by Amy Wilson tells us that Stone Energy (which, God help us, could be “the BP of natural gas extraction” as one commenter put it) was granted the first permitted, non-test well approved in the Delaware River Basin, a watershed that serves 15 million people, including the Greater Philadelphia area.

    As far as I’m concerned, we can’t talk seriously in this state about natural gas exploration under we do a hell of a lot more research into this subject than we already have (another fight in the ongoing battle against “disaster capitalism”).

  • 2) Turning to our media, it seems that Christiane Amanpour will debut as host of “This Week” this Sunday morning, replacing Jake Tapper and George Stephanopoulos.

    And as you might expect, Tucker Carlson’s crayon scribble page is already throwing stones at her (here)…

    Her selection for the post, however, has caused a surprisingly potent backlash. Putting aside issues such as the suitability of a foreign affairs reporter for a show on domestic politics and reports of behind-the scenes opposition to her appointment, most of the criticism has concentrated on Amanpour’s political views and her allegedly biased reporting. In one form or another, this kind of criticism has dogged Amanpour for a very long time.

    ZOMG! A well-traveled journalist interjecting informed commentary into news coverage, instead of reading from a teleprompter like a well-coiffed corporate media cipher (wonder how loud and long Edward R. Murrow would have laughed at characters like Carlson in response)?

    And I realize that a conservative screaming about bias is about as newsworthy as a rooster cackling at the sunrise, but still, let’s look at what Carlson is alleging here.

    So he based his charge on a New York Times story here on Amanpour, in which the profile quotes an anonymous “insider” who “has doubts about Amanpour’s commitment to objective journalism”…

    “I have winced at some of what she’s done, at what used to be called advocacy journalism,” (the source) said. “She was sitting in Belgrade when that marketplace massacre happened (in the ‘90s), and she went on the air to say that the Serbs had probably done it. There was no way she could have known that. She was assuming an omniscience which no journalist has.”

    So basically, the charge that Amanpour’s reporting is “biased,” which has thus caused “a surprisingly potent backlash,” is based on a single eyewitness account in a New York Times story.

    And by the way, did I note that the Times story was written in 1994?

    I’ll tell you what, Tucker: if Amanpour opens the show with film footage of George W. Bush morphing into Che Guevara, and the set for the show now contains a poster of Ward Churchill, and she professes her undying love for Al Gore, then talk to us about “bias,” OK?

    Otherwise, shut up and give her a chance.

  • Update 8/2/10: I see Carlson has company (here – h/t Atrios).

  • 3) And speaking of heroic women (I consider them to be that, anyway), Paul Krugman, in yet another spot-on column about why President Obama hasn’t done much to energize his “base” in spite of all of his accomplishments (and no, I don’t think it’s excusable for anyone to sit on his or her hands, as it were, in response – what Dante Atkins sez here in that vein), mentions Frances Perkins, who, as noted here…

    …championed many aspects of the New Deal, including the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Public Works Administration and its successor the Federal Works Agency, and the labor portion of the National Industrial Recovery Act. With The Social Security Act she established unemployment benefits, pensions for the many uncovered elderly Americans, and welfare for the poorest Americans. She pushed to reduce workplace accidents and helped craft laws against child labor. Through the Fair Labor Standards Act, she established the first minimum wage and overtime laws for American workers, and defined the standard 40-hour work week. She formed governmental policy for working with labor unions and helped to alleviate strikes by way of the United States Conciliation Service, Perkins resisted having American women be drafted to serve the military in World War II so that they could enter the civilian workforce in greatly expanded numbers.[2]

    There have been so many hard-won battles by progressives in the name of fair wages and working conditions as well as health and retirement benefits that it’s really difficult to list them all here, though, as you can see above, Perkins was involved in a lot of them.

    And I don’t know of any other secular figure in our public life who is recognized by an organized religion as Perkins is; Wikipedia tells us that she is honored with a feast day on the liturgical calendar of the Episcopal Church (USA) on May 13.

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