Doomsy’s Do-Gooders and Dregs (2015 – Pt. 15)

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Dregs of the Year Nominee

Tweety, for the utterly simplistic mindset he displays here on Syria, actually comparing the millions of refugees trying to escape that wretched country to the free French who helped us to liberate Paris during World War II – I honestly believe he’s smart enough to understand the tricky geo-political stuff going on in that area of the world, even if he doesn’t show that (I thought karoli’s comments did a better job of taking down Matthews than I could…and apparently Matthews went bonkers over this at least once more…similar sentiments would be echoed a short time later by Bill Maher, wondering why Syrians aren’t fighting for their country – what do you call the civil war, Mr. Formerly Politically Incorrect?)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

French President Francois Hollande, who, despite the horrible Charlie Hebdo and November attacks (and the near-disaster on the subway thwarted by these brave souls), has promised to allow 30,000 Syrian refugees into his country (here, standing out bravely as opposed to the profiles in cowardice from 31 Republican governors in this country)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Sen. Charles Schumer for this – just make it official and become a damn Republican already, OK (an Update tells us that Schumer seemed to temporarily back off, but he should definitely commit without question to doing the right thing)…

Dregs of the Year Nominees

The U.S. House Republican cowards responsible for this as a supposed response to the Syrian refugee crisis (yep, definitely candidates for some “run-and-hide rump roast” from the good ole’ U-S-A!)

…and this tells us more about the 47 Democratic bastards who signed onto this awful bill also, including Steve Israel and the otherwise commendable Louise Slaughter…I’ll remember this the next time Israel sends me another screaming Email asking for money.

(By the way, the 47 Democrats who voted for that awful bill on the Syrian refugees can be found from here…h/t Charles Pierce)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Russell Moore, president of the Religious Liberty and Ethics Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, for this (as karoli says, it’s nice that at least one of these life forms has a sense of Christian compassion)…

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Greenwich Village, NYC-area dentist John Wolf, who was arrested on drug and pornography charges in November – what makes Wolf particularly bad as far as I’m concerned is that, though he commendably was an AIDS activist, he very un-commendably (here)…

…had done dental work for a drug dealer in exchange for methamphetamine, and that he possessed child pornography videos.

A criminal complaint prosecutors filed also states that (Wolf) is H.I.V.-positive and that, according to an informer, he said he had punctured holes in condoms “in an intentional attempt to spread the H.I.V. to his sexual partners.”

I’ll make sure to note if somehow Wolf is acquitted of any or all of these charges. But, for the time being, he looks pretty damn awful for this.

Dregs of the Year Nominees

If we’re approaching the holiday season, then you can count on those smiley-faced bastards to do something awful (not that they need the holidays as an excuse, of course), and as noted here…

Thomas Smith, 52, had been earning $9 an hour at an upstate New York Walmart for less than three months when his manager terminated him over (picking up empty cans in the store parking lot and getting money for them). Smith was in charge of rounding up shopping carts from the lot outside the store, and started collecting trash from the lot while making his rounds. After storing up cans for a couple months, he recycled them in the store’s machines in early November. He got $5.10 for them.

Then he got fired. His manager told Smith his actions were “tantamount to theft of Walmart property,” the Albany Times Union reports, and said he would have to repay the $5.10 or lose his job. Smith, who commuted an hour by bus from Albany for the job, returned to the store two days later with the cash. But he’d already been fired.

First thing – we’re talking about an employee who, as far as I’m concerned, was industrious enough to try and make money from trash in the parking lot (and of course, he was cleaning up the lot also). Second thing – we’re talking about firing someone for FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS AND TEN CENTS!!!

And a Do-Gooder citation within this story to the people responsible for this…

Smith’s story has prompted strangers to send money through the crowdfunding site GoFundMe. So far the effort has collected more than $2,200 – an amount Smith would’ve had to work more than six weeks at full-time hours to earn.

I hope Smith sues these a**holes and makes enough money to support his family, to the point where he never has to work another day in his life (and I guess the only thing to say about this is Do The Right Thing. Turn In The Money. Get Fired Anyway. Walmart.)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Michael Moore for taking in Syrian refugees here, putting his money where his mouth is, as they say…

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner said here that President Obama “stood up for ISIS” when he said (correctly, IMHO) that admitting Syrian refugees was the right thing to do.

Actually, telling women and children who are practically at death’s door that they need to just go away and die whydontcha will do a lot more to ensuring another generation of terrorists than just doing the simple, decent (and, dare I say it, Christian) thing and helping these people like we’re supposed to (here).

As noted here, though, Wagner is wrong on at least one other issue, and that is her fight against a Department of Labor rule to “raise investment-advice standards for brokers working with retirement accounts,” (you know, so fund managers are actually competent when making decisions with people’s life savings) saying “we are at war with the Department of Labor.”

Actually, this brainless tool of the corpocracy should actually meet with the people she’s trying to exclude to learn what REAL war is all about.

Dregs of the Year Nominee

A life form apparently named Jason Naglich of Redondo Beach, CA, who stiffed a Thai waitress at a U.S. restaurant, writing “Tips for U.S. Citizens Only” on the bill (here)…yep, definitely a POS (and kudos to the customers who came to the help of the waitress)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Newly-elected Louisiana Dem Governor John Bel Edwards, who defeated “Diaper Dave” Vitter in part by linking Vitter’s patronizing of prostitutes with Edwards’ commendable military service (here)…congratulations

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

7-year-old Jack Swanson of Pflugerville, Texas for this (what a wonderful story, and kudos also to Faisal Naeem for the well-earned gift that Swanson received)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Prince Charles for this

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Departing (sadly) Dem Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky for this

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

Dem U.S. House Reps Keith Ellison and Rosa DeLauro for this (nah, we don’t have stinking income inequality in this country – not much, given the fact that our government has to help poor mothers to buy diapers for their kids)…

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

Sean Doolittle, relief pitcher for the Oakland A’s, and his girlfriend Eireann Dolan, for “(sharing) Thanksgiving with 17 families of Syrian refugees in Chicago…to share ‘American hospitality and togetherness’ with them”; as the story tells us…

In a blog post, Dolan noted that her home state of Illinois, Doolittle’s home state of New Jersey, and Arizona, where they now live are among 30 states whose governors are trying to block the entry of new Syrian refugees.

“We see on the news that we should fear these refugees, half of whom are children. That there’s a chance they could ‘radicalize once they get here,” she wrote. “I in no way want to even lend credence to this fear, but wouldn’t you say that the single best way to prevent radicalization is through one-on-one ambassadorship?”

The plight of Syrian refugees has a personal element for Dolan.

“My family came to this country from a poor and war-torn Ireland within the last century,” she wrote. “When they came to this country, it would have been very easy for them to be mistaken for those who would wish to commit terrorist activities when all they really wanted to do was to give their children a better life free from war and poverty.”

Would that more of our politicians acted in accordance with that simple but straightforward point of view – kudos to both of them.

Dregs of the Year Nominees (Stupid Media Division)

CNN, for hosting U.S. House Rep Adam Kinzinger here to bash Planned Parenthood while an active shooting is taking place at the group’s facility in Colorado Springs, and “The Old Gray Lady” herself, in a related story, for this (not to suck up, but great catch by Atrios here)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Bo Dietl of Fix Noise for this (what karoli says)…

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Believe me when I tell you that I really don’t want to hand out this citation, but fair is fair – Repug U.S. Senator (and still somehow presidential candidate) Ted Cruz was was the only member of the utterly disgraceful “clown car” collection of contenders in that party to express any kind of sympathy for the victims of the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs here, so kudos to him (basically, if anyone hasn’t responded in 24 hours, that window has closed as far as I’m concerned – and Ben Carson doesn’t get a pass because he was overseas…it’s called the “world-wide web” for a reason)

..OK, Cruz just negated the praise I just gave him over this – figures…

Dregs of the Year Nominees

Cal Thomas and somebody named Leland Vittert of Fix Noise get dubious citations for using the protests over the shooting of Laquan McDonald as an excuse to complain about how black-on-black crime in Chicago supposedly isn’t covered by the “mainstream media” (dog whistle alert here).

Lynn Sweet, an honest-to-goodness actual reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, basically pointed out (through clenched teeth, by every indication, trying not to tell these two jokers that they were full of it) that the issue of black-on-black crime in that city was covered quite thoroughly during the mayoral election in which Rahm Emanuel won another term in office. Thoroughly undeterred of course, Thomas went on to claim that the answer to black-on-black crime is (wait for it…) school choice (again for these jokers, their credo is to never waste an opportunity to push their talking points, facts, logic, and even a passing nod to verifiable truth and reality be damned).

This is standard stuff for the Foxies I’ll admit, but one reason why I’m highlighting this is to point out the following; if you choose to watch this video (and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t), watch the chyron at the bottom of the screen. They’re highlighting words and context from Thomas that he hasn’t even actually said!

What does that tell you? That Thomas isn’t following the script – that’s what it tells you. Or at least not in the right sequence.

Again, as I’ve said numerous times, you’d learn more from watching grass grow than you would from watching so much as even five minutes of Fox “news”.

Dregs of the Year Nominees

The Colorado Fraternal Order of Police for referring to those criticizing the peaceful apprehension of the alleged Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter with the all-too-frequent murder of people of color in similar circumstances as “race-baiting morons” here – even if you disagree with Black Lives Matter, there’s no reason to call people names…if the races were reversed in this circumstance, I guarantee you that the name calling of the “White Lives Matter” equivalent would be every bit as bad and probably worse

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Snoop Dogg, for giving out about 1,500 Thanksgiving turkeys to those in need in Inglewood, CA here (sounds like “Tha Shiznit” to me all right)


Dregs of the Year Nominee

Chris Hayes conducted an interview with Grant Bosse, editorial page editor of the New Hampshire Union-Leader, on that paper’s endorsement of Governor Bully for president (interview was 12/1 on “All In”), and basically, the endorsement came down to the fact that, as far as Bosse is concerned, Christie is the most “electable” Republican for president (here – I would concur with the way Hayes handled this, except for the fact that Bosse is most definitely NOT a “nice guy”).

New Jersey’s credit rating downgraded nine times? Only about 20 percent of the victims of Hurricane Sandy have received emergency relief after about three years? Job growth below the national average? Oh, and that little thing with the George Washington Bridge lane closure? No problem!

And newspapers actually wonder why they’re losing circulation (and by the way, this citation most definitely goes to Bosse, who called the Newark Star-Ledger “Chris Christie’s crazy ex-girlfriend” for the piece linked to the Eschaton post – nice)

…and isn’t THIS interesting about Bosse (more here)?

Update 3/1/16: So why is McQuaid taking the heat here instead of Bosse?

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

The New York Daily News for this cover in the wake of the December gun atrocity (as opposed to the just-about-every-month gun atrocity) in San Bernadino, CA – and more here; I was always taught that God helps those who help themselves, and to say that we’re not helping ourselves is perhaps as big of an understatement as you can make…the paper would follow this up with still more great front-page covers, proving that advocacy journalism isn’t totally dead in this country

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Jason Kapoor picked up Tony Berard, both from Michigan, when Kapoor saw Berard riding his bike to work at a grocery store late at night during a snow storm. Kapoor offered Berard a ride, which he took without hesitation.

As the story tells us further…

Tony had been in financial trouble ever since his wife got sick – she couldn’t work and medical bills piled up. Then, both their old cars quit running. Tony didn’t have the money to fix them or buy a new one, so he did what he had to.

With the harsh Michigan winter approaching, Jason’s heart was moved to help the Waterford man.

So he told the Tony’s story (on Facebook) intending to get people to give him a ride on the road–and, indeed, the next day, another stranger spotted him on his bike and offered him a ride. But a better idea was born after the post was shared 17,000 times, and the discussion turned toward getting the man a used car.

Jason launched a GoFundMe page called “Keep Tony Warm” and donations heated up. It raised more than $19,000 in nine days.

And as the story tells us further, Berard ended up using the money to pay for a new minivan with a working heater for those frozen commutes this winter, all thanks to Kapoor, his Facebook page, and all of those kind souls who helped Berard out (definitely a palate-cleanser kind of a story with all of the other madness going on).

More later (nearing the end)

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