Doomsy’s Do-Gooders and Dregs (2015 – Pt. 13)

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The “Gosh, And Wouldn’t You Know It – Just When I Let My ‘Jump for Jesus’ Membership Card Expire” Citation of the Year

Brant Williams, the owner of Frontier Firearms of Kingston, Tennessee, encouraged all Christians to “arm themselves” (echoing the call of Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey of that state) here in response to the killings in Roseburg since the shooter apparently asked his victims if they were Christians before he opened fire (yeah, and I guess Williams is just supposed to take it on faith, as they say, that someone actually is a disciple of Christ – and if they were, why the hell would they be buying a gun in response to the Oregon massacre?).


Dregs of the Year Nominee

Yes, we’re talking about possibly the lowest of the low-hanging fruit here, but NRA moron Ted Nugent called the Roseburg shooting victims “losers” because they didn’t possess handguns (assuming that they would necessarily have been able to kill the shooter themselves).

Gee, didn’t Mr. “Cat Scratch Fever” once say that he would either be “dead or in jail” if President Obama was elected to a second term (here)?

Your choice, assclown (and more Nugent vulgarity and general idiocy is here)…

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Actor/producer/director etc. Tom Hanks for helping a Fordham University student named “Lauren” to retrieve the photo ID she lost in New York City Park here (just goes to show that life is like a box of chocolates; you never know…oh never mind)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Florida Judge Jerri Collins, appointed by former Florida governor Jeb! Bush for this; basically, abusing a domestic violence victim (among other awful things Repugs do is that they appoint or support really terrible judges such as this heartless rhymes-with-witch)

The “My Reason For Living Just Came Crashing To An End With Inexorable Finality – Just Kidding” Citation of the Year

As noted here, Playboy Magazine announced that they will no longer publish photos of completely nude women (seriously, the Playboy interview is often outstanding journalism; yeah, I get the “I read it for the interviews” thing, but they really are good – for example, the posthumously-published one with John Lennon was a trove of all kinds of stuff about many of the Beatle songs that I never knew about).

Where Playboy was once considered “forbidden fruit,” as it were, it’s actually pretty tame now considering what you can routinely find online and elsewhere, and kudos to the magazine for recognizing that admittedly troublesome fact.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

Students at the University of Texas at Austin planned a rather provocative way to protest that’s university’s utterly misguided concealed carry law here – I’d say the chances of someone getting killed by a dildo are a lot less than someone getting killed by a gun.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Douglasville, Georgia DA Brian Fortner won indictments against 15 advocates of the Confederate flag after these life forms threatened a group of African Americans at a party; Fortner will charge each with one count of making terroristic threats and another count of participating in “criminal gang activity” (here).

How perfectly apt.

Dregs of the Year Nominee

No, I don’t have a clue either as to why former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is still in the Repug presidential race, but as noted from here, he concocted a tweet after the Dems’ October candidates’ debate saying “I trust @BernieSanders with my tax dollars like I trust a North Korean chef with my Labrador!”

As noted from here (in yet another example of a Republican throwing stones from inside his or her glass house), Huckabee’s son had a little problem in that area, allegedly torturing a dog to death (nice guy – and what a charming looking character too).

Ha and ha.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

The Center for Biological Diversity and two other organizations that sued the U.S. Forest Service for allowing Nestlé to bottle water in California under a permit that (as alleged by the lawsuit) expired 27 years ago (here); Nestlé bottled about 28 million gallons in 2014 alone in the drought-wracked state (good for these groups for standing up to these corporate cretins)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Alabama State Rep Mike Ball definitely earns a dishonorable mention (and yet again, do I really need to identify the party?); he not only voted in favor of a budget that closed the DMV centers in his state (these places were vital to those folks registering to vote who of course need a voter ID, another utterly wretched obstacle that does nothing except make it much more difficult for minorities and college students to cast ballots), but on top of that, Ball ridiculed former Marine Kimberly Spruell, a 34-year-old African American living in Wilcox County, whose local driver’s license office was among those shuttered. The closest one is now a 45-minute drive away, a difficult and costly journey considering her car broke down months ago and she now shares one vehicle with five other people, as the Think Progress post tells us.

Ball’s response (on a conservative radio talk show, of course) was “government can’t solve all your problems.”

Yep, the disenfranchising of likely Dem voters is definitely at work here, but somehow I don’t think I’ll see anyone driving a vehicle in that state with a yellow “Support Our Troops” ribbon on behalf of Spruwell and (I’m sure) other members of our military who have to deal with this garbage (to say nothing of the other residents of that state too…elect Repugs and you get absolutely nothing, and you could stand to lose a whole lot more).

Dregs of the Year Nominee

U.S. House Repug (and, quite possibly, king of the Teahadists) Jim Jordan of Ohio; a special place in hell should be reserved for Jordan for this

Dregs of the Year Nominees

I guess, according to the unspoken rules of our Beltway proponents of “high Broderism” (you can Google it), NO ONE (and ESPECIALLY no Democrat) is supposed to criticize Former Commander Codpiece for having “kept us safe” after 9/11 (and as Atrios, notably among others, is quick to point out rightly, what the hell do you call the Anthrax attacks that followed?).

Well, it looks like The Donald “went there” (here). And there is no way on earth that I will ever support Trump for a damn thing. But please allow me to point out the stupendously obvious fact that, on this occasion, Trump is absolutely right to partially (at least) blame Former President Highest Disapproval Rating In Gallup Poll History for the attacks.

And the fact that Trump has been met with such corporate media caterwauling in response tells you what kind of world of deep, DEEP denial the pundit class of this country truly lives in.

So yes, this citation goes out to anyone in the fourth estate tut-tutting over the incivility of “The Donald” to point out something so plainly evident (and oh yeah, that includes Jeb! for helping to continue this ridiculous corporate media framing also).

Oh, and speaking of ridiculous corporate media framing (here – from Fix Noise, of course)…

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Papa John’s Pizza, whose franchises in New York state were found guilty of wage theft of defrauding about 250 workers and agreed to pay a half-million dollar settlement (here – and a Do-Gooder citation to NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who keeps cracking down on this sort of thing in the Empire State…with all of the local vendors in existence, there’s no goddamn reason to buy franchise pizza, which isn’t even that good really)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

President Obama and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell for cancelling two lease sales for oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean, as noted here (whatever it takes to fight climate change…kudos – for this too)


Dregs of the Year Nominee

If it’s a day of the week with a “y” In it, then you can count on Governor Bully to do something utterly callous and/or stupid, and as noted here, he ended emergency housing assistance for the most vulnerable residents of his state.

And after a certain point, blaming Christie for this stuff is pointless. He will never care. Instead, I’d like to blame the people who actually voted him into office, not once, but twice (and this tells us of a bit of a reprieve, but for how long I wonder?).

(And oh yeah, let’s not forget this too…and this….and this too – truly never ends with this guy.)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

U.S. Federal Judge Lynn Adelman for this; maybe the plaintiffs didn’t prove to this idiot that the list of valid voter IDs should be expanded to help folks like 56-year-old Army veteran Carl Ellis, who had to make repeated trips to the DMV for a card because the state wouldn’t accept his veterans card as an acceptable form of ID…but I don’t see that anyone anywhere has proven that “voter fraud” is a real, honest-to-goodness issue that requires the utterly stupid non-solution of a voter ID card in the first place

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Brian Kilmeade of Fix Noise (here) – go make some Kool Aid, you nematode…

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Cornell University English Professor Kenneth McClane for this – cue the obligatory wingnut outrage; five, four three…

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

This goes out to defensive lineman Cam Heyward of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, who wore eye black in honor of his late father, Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, a fullback who played for the New Orleans Saints and died of a brain tumor in 2006 (here).

Only the NFL could find a way to take a great tribute like this and utterly shoot themselves in the foot over it; as Heyward explained, October (the month this took place) is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Heyward is using this as an opportunity to draw attention to other forms of cancer also.

I think Heyward has more than a right to do what he’s doing, and he should be commended for it instead of reprimanded. But again, we’re talking about the NFL and Roger Goodell here, people, who were outfoxed by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots over that “Deflate-gate” nonsense – just add this to their sorry list of PR-related gaffes (and kudos to Heyward the younger, of course…I think the league eventually said that Heyward could wear the eye black, but as far as I’m concerned, the damage was done here).

Dregs of the Year Nominee

How many people out there actually remember Artur Davis (now let’s not always see the same old hands…:-).

Davis is a former “Bush Dog” Democrat who served (using the term loosely) as a Democratic congressman from Alabama who changed party allegiances and campaigned for Willard Mitt Romney in 2012 as a Repug (as noted by columnist Cynthia Tucker here, though – last bullet – Davis’s epiphany of sorts had more to do with the hissy fit he threw after he was trounced in that state’s Dem gubernatorial primary in 2010).

Well, it turns out that Davis is now trying to become a Democrat again to the point of filing suit, as noted here; as the Daily Kos post tells us, Davis cannot apply for reinstatement for four years because of something called the Radney Rule. Davis, of course, doesn’t think rules apply to him, apparently.

Politicians of all different ideological stripes switch parties for one reason or another; I definitely get that. However, I think it takes a truly galling sense of entitlement for someone to sue for the right to rejoin an organization that he or she once so casually discarded to pursue unrealized personal ambition.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Vice President Joe Biden (here) – though I think we could have done without the whole “will he run for president or won’t he” kabuki, I believe he ultimately did the right thing by choosing to stay out; yes, he has a wealth of experience and probably would do a good job, but as somebody said (maybe Bill Maher), HRC brings a lot of what Biden has to the table already…also, the former Secretary of State and NY senator is on a mission in this election cycle, and Biden probably did well to get out of the way; I think the only person standing in Clinton’s path for the nomination is Bernie Sanders (obvious, I know), and as great as he is, I have a feeling she’ll dispense with him in the end

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Last year’s “winner,” Bibi, for this – hard to find the words to communicate my disgust (the inevitable “walk-back” came a couple of weeks later)

Dregs of the Year Nominees

Suntrust Banks of Atlanta for laying off 100 IT employees but, as a condition of severance, requiring them to be on call for a period of 2 years afterwards in order to train their offshore replacements (here – one of these days, some court is going to draw the proverbial line in the sand when it comes to this bullshit, and hopefully this is it)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Mary Jo White, chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, for sponsoring an initiative that…

…makes subtle changes to obscure rules with potentially dramatic ramifications. By tweaking a few definitions, the SEC could curtail how much information the public receives about the internal operations of corporate conglomerates and their tax-avoidance efforts, while simultaneously shielding big firms from shareholder lawsuits.

The 2008 financial services melt down obviously taught White absolutely nothing; I don’t care if she was confirmed by those boneheads in Congress or not – she should be summarily fired for this.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

The Florida Supreme Court for allowing a ballot initiative here that would allow Floridians to vote to reduce the state’s restrictions on rooftop solar power (Florida, apparently, is one of a handful of states that don’t allow residents to purchase power from anyone other than an electrical utility, which I suspect is yet another “miracle” of Repug non-governance)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

The white college students in South Africa who formed a human shield to protect black students protesting tuition hikes that could rise as high as about 11 percent, which would disproportionately affect the black population, as noted here (a citation goes out to the black student protesters also…that generation will be in the lead one day, and they’ll probably continue to wonder why the hell more people aren’t fighting income inequality like this)


Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Number 44 for this (and this)…

Dregs of the Year Nominee

State Sen. Mark Green of Michigan, who concocted this disgusting bit of pro-gun propaganda here in the matter of a Michigan Senate panel approving gun bills that would allow concealed carry instead of open carry in schools, which, to me, are two degrees of bad, particularly in that setting…

“We’re actually trying to do (schools) a favor,” sponsoring Sen. (Green), R-Mayville, said after the GOP-led Senate Judiciary Committee advanced his bill in a 4-1 vote that fell along party lines.

“We, as gun owners, have every right in the world to carry in gun-free zones, most of them, and so are we going to give that up? We’re taking a step back and saying we’ll cover them up if you guys are willing to do it, and they don’t even want that.”

By the way, in the linked Michigan Live story, there’s a list of incidents involving supposedly responsible gun owners and their external death penises in that state’s schools.

So, as far as Green is concerned, he’s doing the schools a FAVOR by allowing the concealed carry law to pass instead of open carry. How noble.

I’d like him to try and explain this ridiculous so-called rationale to a classroom; my guess is that the kids will give him the treatment he deserves as opposed to the cadre of NRA-worshiping so-called adults that Green hangs with. It would serve him right.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Manchester United English football star Gary Neville for this

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Dem U.S. House Rep Gwen Moore for introducing the Gun Dealer Accountability Act, which seeks to give the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) more authority to inspect dealers with a history of selling weapons eventually used in crimes (here – cue the outrage from the “ammosexuals” in five, four, three…)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

South Carolina Sheriff Ben Fields for this, giving a pretty authentic demonstration of excessive force against a student who wouldn’t put away and/or surrender her cellphone (h/t Atrios – not saying the student was right either, but give me a break…it was announced soon after this that Fields would be fired; since he’s apparently a repeat offender, I wonder why he was even still on the job…and being the pointy-headed liberal that I am at times, I have to admit that I’m also perplexed a bit by this)


Dregs of the Year Nominee

A writer using the pen name of Larry Solomon claimed here that a husband “should not tolerate refusal” from a wife who doesn’t want to have sex with her husband, and the “man” should not look at his wife’s face during sex if she engaged in it “grudgingly” (oh, and this is from a “Christian” web site, let’s not forget).

I would call Solomon a caveman, but that’s probably an insult to neanderthals in general (oh, and in the matter of aliases, my name isn’t Doomsy of course, but at least I would know not to treat my spouse in such a horrific, and quite probably criminal, manner…assuming she wouldn’t utterly clean my proverbial clock if I even tried).

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

The retailer REI for not only giving its 12,000 full and part-time workers off on Thanksgiving Day, but Black Friday also (here – CEO Jerry Stritzke says that BF has “gotten out of hand”…God, is the man a damn socialist or something…snark mode off)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

The Catholic theologians who wrote the letter here telling NYT supposed Catholic know-it-all columnist Ross Douthat to STFU because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about here (much overdue, and thanks to one and all)

More later…

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