Doomsy’s Do-Gooders and Dregs (2014 – Pt. 6)

December 1, 2014

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Dregs of the Year Nominee

There are just so many damn reasons to nominate syndicated columnist George Will of the WaPo (and now Fix Noise of course), but here, he claimed that rape victims on college campuses have “coveted status,” or something, and he was quite rightly taken down forcefully by the “A” list lefty bloggers out there (prompting this response – even though NOW was on the right track, I think they should have encouraged people to just drop the WaPo altogether as opposed to just going after Will…sorry, Gene Robinson, Jon Capehart and E.J. Dionne).

…on the other hand…

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

Democratic Senators Tammy Baldwin, Dianne Feinstein, Richard Blumenthal and PA’s own Bob Casey for writing a letter to Will telling him what they think of him for that horrendous column (here)


Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper and Op-Ed Page editor Tony Messenger earn mentions…in June, they decided to drop Will over the previously mentioned column; of course, he was replaced by Michael Gerson, who is a tad more elegant but equally horrific, but it’s all about baby steps, people (here).

Dregs of the Year Nominee (Epic Sour Grapes Department)

John McLaughlin, pollster for House Majority Leader (and primary election LOSER!) Eric Cantor gets a dishonorable mention; after Cantor lost to the aptly-named Teahadist David Brat in June (here)…

…McLaughlin accused Democrats, especially “Dukes of Hazard” actor Ben Jones, of meddling in the race. In Virginia, voters can cast ballots in whatever primary they like. Jones, who once ran against Cantor himself, had reportedly called on Democrats to do exactly that and back Brat.

“Over the weekend Democrats like Ben Jones and liberal media were driving their Democratic voters on the internet into the open primary,” McLaughlin said while noting an “almost 50% increase in turnout” from two years ago. “Eric got hit from right and left. In our polls two weeks out Eric was stronger with Republicans at 70% of the vote, but running under 50% among non Republicans.”

“Untold story,” McLaughlin continued, “is who were the new primary voters? They were probably not Republicans.”

Of course, McLaughlin’s awful polling in the contests for Willard Mitt Romney, former House Repug Bob Dold and Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (with the latter calling rape pregnancies “a gift from God”) didn’t foreshadow the same result in the Cantor contest, now did it?

No, not much.

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Rolf Treu, a Superior Court judge for Los Angeles County, for this (more here)…

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

“Reality” T.V. star “Dog The Bounty Hunter” for calling “stand your ground” laws bull crap (here)…

Do-Gooders of the Year Nominees

The 11th Circuit Appeals Court, for ruling here that police need a warrant to track someone’s location via their mobile phone (good job)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Shep Smith of Fix Noise for going off-script once again here, this time on Iraq…well done

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Turning to the world of sports, this citation goes to Marian Gaborik of the second-time-in-three-years Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings; though he didn’t win the Conn Smythe Trophy for the MVP of the Stanley Cup playoffs, he easily could have with his 14-goal postseason performance (former Flyer Justin Williams, another deserving nominee, won the award)…I would say that Gaborik forever shed his rep as a playoff choke artist with this performance (here).

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

VA Dem Governor Terry McAuliffe, who (whether he expands Medicaid there or not – he seems to be a little squishy on this at the moment) chose to extend “Obamacare” health care coverage to about 400,000 residents, defying the GOP-controlled state legislature (this story will be evolving I’m sure, but kudos to McAuliffe…here)

Dregs of the Year Nominees

Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, for handing out diplomas with a typo as noted here (oh sorry – I meant “hear”)…

Dregs of the Year Nominee

The son of Arizona Repug Senator Jeff Flake, who (allegedly, of course) has been linked to the death of about 17 dogs, as noted here

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Author James Patterson, who donated about 45,000 copies of his books to New York City school students here (this follows his donation of 28,000 of his books to students in Chicago – anything to encourage anyone of any age to read and expand their minds cannot be a bad thing)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Former Bushco Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was one of the people asleep at the switch when our prior ruling cabal under Number 43 turned our economy into the Big Casino, but as noted here, he spoke out in June on behalf of…

…“a tax on carbon emissions (that) will unleash a wave of innovation to develop technologies, lower the costs of clean energy and create jobs as we and other nations develop new energy products and infrastructure.” In turn, he (wrote in a NY Times Op-Ed), “this would strengthen national security by reducing the world’s dependence on governments like Russia and Iran.”

“Bra” and “vo,” Former Secretary Paulson.

Dregs of the Year Nominees

Any Mississippi “Democrat” who voted in the state’s open primary in June in support of incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Thad Cochran against Teahadist Chris McDaniel (Cochran eked out a narrow win when he was looking at nothing but electoral doom).

The name of the game is to elect Democrats, people, not help moribund Republicans. As crazy as he is, McDaniel would have proved a more beatable foe to likely Dem Travis Childers than the incumbent Cochran, who won re-election.

As much as I can’t stand Republicans, they always operate as If they’re in the middle of a political campaign, which, unfortunately, is the right mindset if you want to win and hold onto power. One of these days (I hope), Democrats will learn that lesson.

Next time, do to Republicans what they would do to us in a heartbeat. When one of them is drowning metaphorically and in need of a life preserver, throw them an anvil instead (and I don’t care if there’s only a 36 percent Democratic registration in the state or not – supporting Cochran is giving up your ammunition before you even go to battle).

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Columnist Michael Taube of the Washington Times earns a guffaw for this one, in which he wondered why the Washington Redskins football team wouldn’t rename itself to the “Washington Reagans.”

(This of course has to do with the hub bub over the team name, which is either racist or defamatory, or quite possibly both – I don’t care one way or the other; it sounds like the force of money and popular opinion favors a name change, which is fine with me.)

But back to Taube…yeah, I guess this means now that the football team will be upstaged by a chimp, start running trillion-dollar deficits and illegally trade arms for hostages. Hike!

Dregs of the Year Nominee (Commemorative “Fangs for the Memories” Citation)

Uruguayan soccer player (and apparently their star) Luis Suarez earns a raspberry – he was suspended from playing soccer for four months because he was cited for biting another player (here).

OK, so the World Cup only takes place once every four years. You think this clown would restrain his orthodontic adventures for just a little while so he could actually help out his team?

Bite me (sorry – too easy).

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Kentucky State Senator Paul Hornback, who said the following here about 7-year-olds working in tobacco fields in his state (and did I mention that Hornback is a tobacco farmer?)…

“We’re raising a society that’s too soft,” Hornback told Bee. “Children need to experience things.”

Oh, “experience” things like repetitive strain injuries, among other potential ailments, to say nothing of crushing blows to their sense of self-esteem? To also say nothing of the fact that 7-year-olds and up should be IN A BLEEPING CLASSROOM, YOU NITWIT??!!

We have child labor laws in this country for a reason. And that is because of people like Hornback.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Seth MacFarlane, who, as noted here

…promised to match up to $1 million in pledges made on the Kickstarter website so that an online version of “Reading Rainbow” can be made available without charge to an expanded number of underfunded classrooms, (actor LeVar) Burton said in a statement (in June – Burton is the longtime host of “Reading Raindow”).

Somehow I’m sure Stewie Griffin would approve.

Dregs of the Year Nominee

All “Space Cadet” references aside, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Tom Corbett was an utterly miserable failure as a governor of our beloved commonwealth, and here, he refused to sign even a thoroughly awful budget passed by Republican majorities in both the state house and senate, one which had no mechanism to fund Philadelphia schools relying on aid from Harrisburg, had no mechanism to resolve a deficit in long-term pension obligations (which is a good thing to be missing, truth be told, since Corbett’s idea of shifting all new workers to a defined contribution plan leaves much to be desired…and the whole mess was brought on by primarily Republican governors who didn’t honor their pension obligations to public workers years ago anyway), and also – wait for it! – had no gas fracking tax for drilling in the Marcellus Shale.

Any wonder why (last I checked) Corbett had a 36 percent approval rating, as noted here?

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Evan Alvarez, chairman of the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans (MFCR), who switched his party allegiance from Republican to Democratic in response to Teahadist extremism as noted here (welcome to the fight)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Baseel Abdul-Amir Saad, the alleged attacker of John Bieniewicz, a referee of an adult soccer league in Michigan – Saad, a player in the league, pleaded not guilty on charges of allegedly punching Bieniewicz in the face and killing him; Saad doesn’t earn a mention for this awful act (once more, prefaced with “alleged”), but for the following…

After the attack, the player fled the field and waved his middle finger at the crowd.

I don’t know what the legal judgment will be of what Saad did or (possibly) didn’t do, but as far as I’m concerned, he isn’t much of a human being for at least realizing that something terrible had happened to Bieniewicz and staying behind to do what he could to help somehow (here).

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Governor Bully again, for vetoing a gun control bill here that would have banned ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds (as pathetic as this maneuver is, it is at least as much of a joke to think that this buffoon actually imagines that garbage like this will motivate those “values” voters into electing him to the presidency, which is truly the stuff of nightmares)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

David Brooks for this (aww, looks like his poor widdle feelins are hurt by those nasty bloggers and Internet commenters)…

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Tianna Gaines-Turner for this (well done)…

Dregs of the Year Nominee (“All Right, Mr. Softee, Face Down And Hands Behind Your Back” Citation)

From the truly stupid criminal file, I give you Lessa Iannone of Rock Hill, PA here who was accused of shoplifting $13 in underwear from the Dollar General store and trying to make her getaway in an ice cream truck (no word yet on whether or not she’ll get her legal “just desserts” – ba-dump!)

Dregs of the Year Nominee (“Radio Nowhere” Citation)

Anthony Cumia of the Sirius XM duo Opie and Anthony (I guess he’s the “talented” one) launched into an utterly surreal Twitter tirade in July (truly stunning in its racist and sexist brutality) after he alleged that he was assaulted by a black woman on a New York City street, apparently near Times Square; if you choose to read the entire thread from this link, I must warn you that this is gut-churning stuff…oh yeah, and the line about “welcome to Obama’s America” is a whole new level of duuuuhh!

Here’s the standard I always use for stuff like this; I’m old enough to remember when Clark DeLeon wrote a daily column for The Philadelphia Inquirer, and once, he was stuck in Philly traffic behind some kids who threw all their fast food trash out the window onto a city street. In a truly admirable act (probably a bit foolish, though), he got out of his car, walked over to the trash, picked it up and threw some of it back into the vehicle. As a result, a couple of the animals involved got out of the vehicle and beat him up (a picture of DeLeon with a puffed-up, blackened eye appeared in a column soon afterward when he described exactly what happened).

I’ll admit that I’m describing a time where the world-wide web was in its infancy, to say nothing of the Internet and social media in general, but DeLeon used common sense and sought medical treatment first and then filed a police report, which was exactly the right course of action. And his column about the whole thing showed a measured tone of judgment; he obviously thought to take a deep breath or two or three before he decided to sound off.

Of course, with Cumia, we’re talking about a “shock jock” who also once encouraged listeners to have sex in a Catholic Church, St. Patrick’s Cathedral actually. Oh yeah, and he told them to do it on Holy Thursday.

These two were barely funny when they were once on commercial radio in these parts. They should be permanently banned from the public airwaves for their latest garbage, though I’m sure a gig in right-wing AM talk radio awaits (and yes, the alleged attack on Cumia was reprehensible, and the perpetrator should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law).

Update 12/21/15: God, how awful

More later…

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