Doomsy’s Do-Gooders and Dregs (2013 – Pt. 11)

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Dregs of the Year Nominees

Lockheed Martin, for announcing the closure of its facility in Newtown, Pa in November – as the Bucks County Courier Times tells us, about 800 of the thousand-or-so jobs will be lost (here)…

I remember when the announcement was made that these bastards were coming to our area. Route 332 was expanded and traffic patterns were altered to make it easier for the company’s employees. A big to-do was made over the fact that they would be partnering with the Holy Family College next door. And of course, there were tax cuts and incentives. Oh, it was only a matter of time until 332 became a “tech hub” in Newtown with Lockheed Martin as the “crown jewel.”

And I wonder how many other people besides yours truly are going to “connect the dots” between this and the ruinous “sequester”…

Do-Gooders of the Year Nominees

The editors of The Playwickian, the newspaper of Neshaminy High School in these parts, for deciding that the term “redskin” was offensive and deciding not to publish the term in their student newspaper (here, and a Dregs citation to the school administrators opposing the students – kind of funny in a twisted way when you realize that “Neshaminy” is the name of the Indian tribe that once lived in that region)

…and while I’m on the subject…

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Sportswriter Tom Rimback of the Bucks County Courier Times, who said the following in November about the controversy surrounding the name of the Washington, D.C. professional football team (the Eagles had just defeated them at the Linc, 24-16)…

…the politically correct masses have latched on to the idea that they (the football team) are disrespecting their very name. No, not “Redskins.” That controversy is mostly made up.

See, Rimback was trying to make a joke that the “real” controversy is that Washington is disrespecting the game of football by residing in last place in the NFC East.

I realize that it’s in the performance requirements of every writer for the Courier Times to be talked about somehow (based on that quote by Oscar Wilde), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they must sound like they’re communicating out of their rectum.

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Dem Hawaii State Rep Tom Brower, for exercising what you might call a peculiar brand of community outreach here – destroying homeless people’s meager possessions with a sledge hammer (wouldn’t it be appropriate if he experienced homelessness himself one day?)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Ryan Jake Lambourn, for coming up with a video game that simulates the Newtown gun massacre last year (yep, let’s do a tap dance all over the graves of those murdered kids – this is America, after all, the land where the federal government does absolutely nothing when people are slaughtered as a result of gun violence…here)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for FINALLY exercising the “nuclear option” on Obama Administration nominees (here – better late than never)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Katherine Svenson of the Delta County School Board in Colorado, for criticizing proposed new policies that would add a layer of protection for students who identify as transgender (here)…actually, it was the way she did it, by basically saying that affected students should be castrated before the policy was implemented (to paraphrase a quote about Former Senator Man-On-Dog, Svenson appears to represent one of the most enlightened minds of the 12th century)

Dregs of the Year Nominees

Those smiley-faced bastards earn yet another dubious mention here for firing employee Kristopher Oswald, who came to the aid of a woman screaming for help from a man trying to accost her; when Oswald’s actions allowed the woman to escape, the man started pummeling Oswald, and several WalMart employees rushed to help Oswald.

So what happened next?

Kristopher Oswald told WXYZ-TV in Detroit that Wal-Mart has policies against workplace violence to prevent employees from assaulting co-workers or tackling a shoplifter, but that it appears that nothing allows for them to assist in situations of imminent danger and self-defense (here).

A spokeswoman for Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart Stores Inc. told The Associated Press on Thursday that while the company understood Oswald’s intentions, his actions violated company policy.

“We had to make a tough decision, one that we don’t take lightly, and he’s no longer with the company,” company spokeswoman Ashley Hardie said.

(An update is here, which I’m still pondering, actually.)

So, for the apparent lack of a sane HR policy or procedure, Walmart fired Oswald from his $8.70-an-hour job.

That’s the real Walmart, people.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Tony Rohr, a (formely) Pizza Hut manager in Indiana who was fired for committing what is apparently the unpardonable violation of actually closing his store on Thanksgiving and telling his employees to spend time with their families – fortunately, we have some non-pizza-chain, local alternatives close to Le Manse Doomsy, and I can assure you that they are the only ones who will get our business…good luck to Rohr (anybody besides me see a pattern here? Oh, and Rohr was hired back, but he never should have been let go in the first place…here)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

If we’re getting close to the holidays, then it must be time for Catholic League president Bill Donahue to say or do something stupid in a desperate attempt to remain relevant; here, he said that HBO should cancel “Real Time With Bill Maher” since the host actually spent time talking to Dan Savage, a gay man who is also a writer and newspaper editor, and Savage mentioned the priest abuse scandal (can’t remember who said that truth was the best disinfectant, but that saying applies here – and let’s keep in mind once more that nobody appointed Donahue to a damn thing)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

“Chuckles” Krauthammer for this (as always, IOKIYAR)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Jeb Bush, for trying to propagate the particularly ridiculous lie that President Obama wants to move the Vatican Embassy presumably to punish U.S. Catholics (and Jeb is supposed to be one of the adults in his party? Actually, as Think Progress tells us here, the process of moving the embassy began under Jeb’s brother and Obama’s wretched predecessor.)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Repug U.S. House Rep Morgan Griffith for this

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Peter Willcox of Greenpeace for this (generally being unrepentant for protesting Russian Arctic oil drilling)

Update: I would say that this is a positive development concerning Greenpeace and Pussy Riot also.

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Our wet noodle U.S. House Rep “Mikey The Beloved” Fitzpatrick could earn a citation here for a variety of reasons, but on this occasion, he gets a dubious mention for (in the wake of the ruinous government shut down earlier this year) supporting something called the “Government Shutdown Prevention Act” authored by James Lankford of Oklahoma. Fitzpatrick is one of 17 co-sponsors of the Act, and except for Mikey, Reid Ribble, Steve Daines, Tom Cotton and Aaron Schock (other co-sponsors), everyone associated with the Act also opposed House Vote 550 to reopen the government. On top of that, an aide for Congressman Daines dismissed Lankford’s bill as “a political gimmick” (but hey, political gimmicks and Mikey the Beloved – so coined because of his fawning coverage in the Bucks County Courier Times – go hand in hand, don’t they?).

Oh, and despite the fact that Mikey and his sycophants caterwauled like crazy during the 2010 U.S. House election for PA-08 over the charge that then-Dem Rep Patrick Murphy supposedly didn’t hold enough town halls (I can remember the one YouTube clip in particular where a Teahadist called Murphy a liar over it – of course, Patrick didn’t bother to ban cameras, unlike his wretched predecessor and successor), I have visited Fitzpatrick’s House web site repeatedly and I have NEVER ONCE seen a “Town Hall” schedule posted (inevitably, what happens is that a “town hall” with Mikey ends up reported after the fact by the Bucks County Courier Times, Mikey’s PR vehicle.). Also, Mikey decided at some point this year that all questions to him in a “town hall-ish” type of forum had to be pre-screened, including that idiocy with David Walker of “No Labels” at Bucks County Community College earlier this year.

All of this is good reason to click here, by the way.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominees

All of the fast-food workers who struck in 100 cities on 12/2, protesting for livable, non-Dickensian wages, as noted here

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Maya MacGuineas of the so-called “Campaign To Fix The Debt,” who said the following recently upon hearing that a so-called “grand bargain” on the budget will not be attempted by a team of Dem U.S. House Rep Chris Van Hollen, Dem Senator Patty Murray, Repug Senator Jeff Sessions, and Mr.-Puppy-Dog-Eyes-With-The-Shiv (here – what a combination)…

“It’s a stupid way to run a country,” said Maya MacGuineas, head of the Campaign to Fix the Debt, a non-partisan advocacy group whose members include business leaders and former lawmakers. “Change comes from two possible things: a crisis or leadership.” […]

“The uncertainty has a chilling effect on job creators, households and anybody who’s trying to see around a corner,” said MacGuineas, who is also president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a fiscal advocacy group.

No, do you want to know what “a stupid way to run a country” really is, Ms. (?) MacGuineas?

It’s allowing people like you to hold sway over our political dialogue. It’s allowing people like you and your group of miscreants (who apparently care absolutely nothing about the people trying to subsist on Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security…basically, any of the entitlements provided by the federal government whatsoever, including some truly miserly ones…YOU try living on food stamps – and programs that benefit kids to a large degree, let’s not forget) to monopolize the news and opinion political coverage in this country to the point where almost all of a particular voting demographic was thoroughly hoodwinked into believing that their own inherent, prejudicial stupidity was gospel on this issue as well as many others, therefore entitling them in their minds to obstruct actual progress (climate change, the Iraq war, immigration reform, and on and on…and by the way, Ed Rendell, I’m looking at you on this too, as noted here).

Oh, and the evergreen lie of “uncertainty” faced by “job creators”? Try this in response, you worthless hack!

Dregs of the Year Nominees

Independence Blue Cross of Philadelphia gets an uncomplimentary mention for their supposed “Live Fearless” ad campaign, prominently featuring billboard pictures, videos, and radio and TV voices of children, who, as far as I’m concerned, should ONLY be used to sell products for kids (and the fact that the supposed adults in charge of this ad campaign somehow don’t know that turns my stomach).

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Repug U.S. House Rep Duncan Hunter (Jr., I believe), who advocated using nuclear weapons if the U.S. ever went to war with Iran here (looks like the crazy train just made another stop)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Georgia’s Republican insurance commissioner Ralph Hudgens for this

Dregs of the Year Nominees

Rev. James McCloskey of Holy Ghost Preparatory School in Bensalem, Pa. for firing longtime teacher Michael Griffin because Griffin had informed the school that he intended to marry his partner, as noted here (Griffin, of course, is gay, otherwise no one would care)…

As McCloskey put it…

“At a meeting in my office yesterday, teacher Michael Griffin made clear that he obtained a license to marry his same sex partner,” the school’s headmaster Fr. James McCloskey wrote in a statement.

“Unfortunately, this decision contradicts the terms of his teaching contract at our school, which requires all faculty and staff to follow the teachings of the Church as a condition of their employment.

I don’t recall reading anything in the Bible about gay marriage. And it sounds like Griffin was as committed to his job at Holy Ghost Prep as he was about fulfilling his commitment to his partner.

Actually, I DO recall reading this from the Acts of the Apostles, though…

And he said to them, “You yourselves know how unlawful it is for a Jew to associate with or to visit anyone of another nation, but God has shown me that I should not call any person common or unclean.

Maybe Fr. McCloskey could read up on it.

More later (not sure if the next one will be it, but maybe)…


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