Doomsy’s Do-Gooders and Dregs (2013 – Pt. 3)

November 25, 2013

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Dregs of the Year Nominee (“From One Bum(s) to Another” Citation)

The Women’s Ministry in Austria has repeatedly proposed passing a law against a man grabbing a woman’s butt, affectionately known as “the bum law” in that country, but the Austrian government insists that there’s nothing wrong with that kind of behavior. Under Austrian law, a sexual assault victim must prove that the perpetrator initiated contact that was “more than fleeting” and involved a “primary or secondary sexual organ” and apparently a hand doesn’t qualify (I’ll leave any additional snark on this to you, dear reader).

And in case you were wondering, the Dregs citation goes to the Austrian government here.

Dregs of the Year Nominee (Probably the Front Runner So Far)

A life form named Franklin Sain gets a nod for his disgustingly racist, misogynist death threats against lawmakers Rhonda Fields and Beth McCann; convict him and throw his ass in a Supermax prison with other hardcore cases – give him about 30 years to think about what a hateful pig he really is (here).

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Once more, the bar is set really low, but I’m having to scrounge here a bit; at this moment, I think Governor Bully gets it for deciding to accept extra Medicaid funds for NJ, as noted here, which of course Tom (“Space Cadet”) Corbett won’t do in PA, as I pointed out already – Corbett is too busy working with Repugs in Harrisburg to try and siphon off PA’s electoral votes in the 2016 election so the Repug candidate gets some instead of the “winner take all” system we have in the rest of the country, primarily the “red” states

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Police Chief Edward Flynn of Milwaukee for this (there are a few of these characters on Capitol Hill who definitely need a “bitch slap”…sorry if that’s not “PC”…and Huckleberry Graham is definitely one)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Repug U.S. House Rep Sean Duffy for this (what an assh*le)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

State Rep. Ernest Hewett (D-CT) for this (once again, what an assh*le)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

San Diego “Christian” College, for firing teacher Teri James for becoming pregnant while engaging in premarital sex with her boyfriend (here); James violated the school’s “moral code” – and to ramp up the hypocrisy meter a little more, the school apparently offered James’ job to her boyfriend after he impregnated her (there’s a reason why there’s a legal remedy for this sort of garbage)

Do-Gooders of the Year Nominees

The rock band Train get a mention for pulling out of this year’s Boy Scouts National Jamboree to protest that organization’s ban on gay scouts and gay scout leaders (here)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Sen. Charles (“This Guy”) Grassley gets it for this – the almost garden variety wingnuttia isn’t the reason for the citation, but the singular disrespect towards the president from another elected federal politician; as long as we’re at it, though, can we please do away with this socialism BS as long as the stock market continues to set new growth records?

(Yes, I know, I can dream, can’t I?)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

(This video link is from November 2012, but I heard about this in March.)

The story I linked to is about the reaction of students in a West Philadelphia high school to the district’s efforts to reduce the calorie content in school lunches; apparently, to qualify for federal funds, there must be a serving of fruit or vegetables with the other stuff on the plate for each student (which I applaud, by the way).

In response, some students have taken to playing “food basketball,” throwing their apples and oranges into the trash can like they’re shooting a basketball or something.

This, to me, is utterly disgusting. I absolutely hate food waste like this (litter too, if you want to know the truth – funny that way, I guess).

Congratulations, morons. Welcome to the world of increased risk for diabetes (not like we don’t already have an epidemic in this country), to say nothing of potential heart attack and stroke (the Dregs citation goes out to the food wasters, to say nothing of wasting taxpayer dollars also). And yes, I know we’re talking about kids (I’m sure their parents are happy to see the product of their hard-earned incomes wasted this way), but as far as I’m concerned, that’s absolutely no excuse.

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Richard W. Rahn, an economic adviser to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, referred to Democrats pretty much as blood-sucking parasites here (as the Daily Kos poster noted, wonder what the reaction would be if a “lefty” referred to a Repug politician that way? As opposed to the otherwise-sensible Martin Bashir’s stupid remarks about Sarah Palin here, covered from sea to shining sea).

Dregs of the Year Nominee

I don’t enjoy this one bit, but I have to give a citation to Dem Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon; in March, he joined pretend ophthalmologist Rand Paul along with Mike Lee (Utah), Ted Cruz (Tex.), Jerry Moran (Kan.), Marco Rubio (Fla.), Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) and Pat Toomey (Pa.) for a “talking filibuster” that lasted about 12 hours (here).

Talk about a confederacy of dunces…

I don’t begrudge Wyden’s argument against John Brennan as CIA director, with Brennan being the Obama Administration person who recommends where we send our flying death robots (presumably, Number 44 gives the final signoff). But by deciding to help Paul and his pals, Wyden gave Paul’s filibuster the imprimatur of respectability that, as far as I’m concerned, it didn’t deserve.

The Repugs have left the Dems hanging on their own more times than I can count. Why the hell should we blow an opportunity to return the favor?

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Major League Baseball gets a dishonorable mention here for refusing the request of the Venezuelan national baseball team, prior to an exhibition game against the Miami Marlins, for a moment of silence to commemorate the death of Hugo Chavez, that country’s leader.

Hey listen, I totally get it if people didn’t like Chavez. But come on – don’t cook up some nonsensical excuse like there wasn’t enough time to process the request, or something, prior to saying no.

Here’s a crazy, nutty, tree-hugging-liberal notion; maybe we would look like the adults in the room and maybe generate more good will if we had said yes instead, adding that, well, maybe we didn’t think Chavez was so great, but we’re willing to acknowledge someone with whom we frequently disagreed, in part to recognize that he did accomplish some good in his life.

But no – let’s shoot ourselves in the ass again, figuratively speaking, for no good reason.

(“U-S-A!, U-S-A!, U-S-A!”)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Murad Khan, a police officer in southwest Afghanistan, who, as the news story tells us, sacrificed his life for the sake of others, embracing a suicide bomber before the explosive was detonated (as it is written somewhere, there is no greater love – a true hero) – Khan and eight other minors were killed, which is horrific enough, but it could have been worse, in an area of the world where horrific tragedy sadly comes with the territory

Dregs of the Year Nominees (Special “Thank You Sir, May I Have Another!” Citation)

I have to admit that I’m not completely surprised by this, but the info from this link tells us that NHL attendance across the league is up by about 2 percent over last year, and this in spite of a player lockout that wiped out about half of the 2012-2013 season, including the Winter Classic and the All-Star Game (I thought there were “Stepford” fans only in Philadelphia –shows what I know I guess).

Get ready to be abused again the next time the players’ collective bargaining agreement expires.

Dregs of the Year Nominee (Commemorative “Road To Nowhere” Citation)

Texas (of course) State Rep. Dan Branch introduced legislation that would rename a seven-mile stretch of Dallas highway in honor of Former President Highest Disapproval Rating In Gallup Poll History; no word on whether or not this would be the only stretch of road on earth where drivers would be encouraged to “go with their gut” and plunge ahead, making all kinds of ridiculously bad driving decisions regardless of the potential result (here).

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Sir Patrick Stewart gets a nod here for his campaign calling on men to prevent violence against women, in light of the online attacks against Zerlina Maxwell who apparently dared (as some view it) to suggest that maybe we should teach rape prevention to men rather than asking women to take all sorts of precautions that might or might not work to guard themselves against assault.

All I can say in response is “Engage!” – sorry, too easy.

Dregs of the Year Nominee

South Carolina (once again, of course) state house rep Kris Crawford supported his state’s Medicaid expansion on the one hand, but on the other hand, he expected his state’s Republican delegation in Congress to vote against it because “It is good politics to oppose the black guy in the White House right now” (here)…

Gee, I wonder if this is something like Willard Mitt Romney and his “47 percent” comment? Way to give away the Repug game, you racist nimrod!

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

I don’t know why it takes a family member having an issue of some kind for a Republican to actually show a bit of conscience, but credit where it’s due here to Ohio Senator Rob Portman for flip-flopping and now supporting marriage equality after his son has “come out” here in March.

…on the other hand…

Dregs of the Year Nominee

I had a feeling that the CPAC brown shirt rally would lead to a citation or two, and I wasn’t disappointed (that may be an odd way to put it, though) – Repug U.S. House Rep. Tim Huelskamp attacked Portman, saying he would still oppose marriage equality even if his son “came out.”

Huelskamp doesn’t get a citation for opposing Portman on this issue (which is Huelskamp’s right) – he gets it for the typically small and petulant attitude he displayed while doing so, criticizing Portman because he couldn’t “deliver” Ohio for Willard Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election (as if supporting a family member in an alternatively traumatic and courageous moment is in any way similar to a presidential campaign – here).

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Just Plain Folks Sarah Palin Dontcha Know earns a dubious mention also; at the same CPAC rally, she criticized New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his restrictions on soda (which, as far as I’m concerned, is pretty smart – I don’t care if it’s “nanny state” government or not…we have an obesity and diabetes epidemic in this country, and Bloomberg’s trying to do something about that).

As with Huelskamp, Palin has the right to take an opposing point of view. That’s not why she got the citation. And the fact that she pulled out this Big Gulp drink to display to emphasize her point for the crowd of knuckle draggers in attendance (who totally loved it, of course) isn’t the reason.

She gets the citation because she didn’t even finish the damn drink, letting it go to waste in all-too-typical fashion in this country.

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Singer Michelle Shocked gets a dubious mention for making an anti-gay slur prior to a show in San Francisco (duuuh); as a result, her audience walked out and about four tour dates were cancelled.

(And listen, I’m not saying she has to even like gays or LGBT folk. If you don’t, just keep it to yourself, OK?)

I think this is desperation time here…she never really hit it big, and she was just looking for a way to gain some kind of market share, somewhere (of course, the wingnuts now will love her…I’m sure she’ll be appearing with Dennis Miller before too much longer). I never really thought much of her as a performer, though she is living up to her name here.

Maybe she should change it now to Michelle Stupid(ed)?

Dregs of the Year Nominee

I really was going to give a pass to Plymouth County, Massachusetts sheriff Joseph McDonald over making a joke about President Obama getting shot in the head a la Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater, mainly because…y’know….I’ve just reached a bit of Obama Assassination Remark Fatigue. Maybe I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do; I mean, there have been so many supposedly jokey references to Number 44 getting killed that it has become background noise (of course, God forbid if any of them should ever come to hideous fruition –and God bless our Secret Service for the work they do). And no, I wasn’t going to cut McDonald a break because he lives in a “blue” state.

But you know what? Screw it – for what it’s worth, he gets a mention for “doubling down” when he gets called on it, referring to his critics as “Nazis” (again, really tired stuff here).

What an asshat (oh, and liberals supposedly made the same remarks about Dubya? Give me a date, time, place, web site, name of said person – details, you schmuck).

More later…

Doomsy’s Do-Gooders and Dregs (2013 – Pt. 2)

November 25, 2013

(Part One including the setup is here.)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

PA Governor Tom (“Space Cadet”) Corbett for turning down additional Medicaid funds as part of health care reform, as noted here (as Crooks and Liars points out, I guess the health of the “poors” doesn’t matter versus trying to burnish your wingnut bona fides…he made noises later in the year like he would accept the additional Medicaid funding, but I’m not sure that he ever did…and just add this to the pile on Corbett)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Eric Lowry, owner of Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms, came up with the idea to offer one AR-15, 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and 30 high-capacity magazine clips, for free, on his company’s Facebook page, in response to the gun control policies recent advocated by President Obama and members of Congress (here).

Here’s an idea for Lowry – why not go “full wingnut” and turn into a survivalist with your own compound, like that lunatic Jimmy Lee Dykes who abducted that young boy with Asperger’s Syndrome (noted in Part One)? Why not “walk the walk” and stop trying to make money off of others’ bloodshed and instead turn completely against that “big gumint” you apparently hate?

Is it because Dykes ended up getting shot dead by police? Well, why should that stop you? No guts, no glory as they say.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

As is so often the case, Sen. Bernie Sanders earns a well-deserved nod here for introducing a bill to repatriate potentially hundreds of billions of corporate tax revenue; the measure would end the practice of “deferral,” meaning that corporations would pay taxes on profits as they are earned and not at some point in the future, if at all…

Under the Corporate Tax Fairness Act, U.S. corporations would continue to get a credit against their U.S. taxes for foreign taxes they pay. That means that when an American corporation has profits in a country with lower corporate taxes than the U.S., they would pay the federal government the difference between the foreign rate and the U.S. rate. When an American corporation has profits in a country with higher corporate taxes than the U.S., they would pay nothing to the U.S.

Sounds like a plan, and I’m sure Sen. Mr. Elaine Chao is doing his best to figure out how to derail it as I type this.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Definitely not a fan since she beat Patrick Murphy in the Dem primary last year (with a big assist from Bill Clinton, as a payback for Murphy supporting Obama and not Hillary in ’08), but incoming PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane deserves a nod for closing that ridiculous “Florida gun loophole” which allowed a Philadelphia resident whose gun permit was not approved by PA to get a permit from Florida instead, with said permit owner being allowed to own a gun anyway (here – not sure why this was ever legal to begin with…also opposed that stupid PA Defense of Marriage Act, or whatever that is)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Kobe Bryant of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers for calling out a fan here who used “gay” as an insult (as Think Progress tells us, Bryant has apparently come a long way on this issue – here)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

I could probably run “Man Tan” Boehner of the House out here for a lot of reasons, but here, he said something along the lines of President Obama not having the guts to cut spending, or something, when federal spending under Obama’s watch has decreased from 25.5 percent (when he took office) to 24.7 percent of total federal expenditures as a share of the economy.

Oh, and speaking of Congress and financial matters, I think we should consider this item as a response.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

The bar is set low here I’ll admit, but credit where it’s due to New Mexico governor (and Teahadist) Susana Martinez for also expressing a willingness to close the “gun show loophole” in her state here.

Mistake Photo-op Of The Year (about which I care nothing except for now)


Dregs of the Year Nominee

Ed Snider, owner of the Philadelphia Flyers, predicted before the first game of the strike-shortened NHL season that the Flyers would win the Stanley Cup in 2013 – they ended up not even making the playoffs.

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Stephanie Wolfe, a political science professor at West Liberty University in West Virginia, who stated in her syllabus that, when students do written assignments for her class, they can’t use Fox News as a source (she also said students can’t use The Onion – speaking for myself, I’d be hard pressed to figure out the difference, perhaps only that The Onion is intentionally humorous; of course, the predictable outcry from the knuckle-draggers for whom Fix Noise is gospel is already underway…and yes, Wolfe is completely within her rights to do this…here)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Joe Scar gets it for some truly ridiculous false equivalency here, saying that Wayne LaPierre of the NRA is as “extreme” on guns as Paul Krugman is on the debt.

Scarborough is a pro when it comes to playing the corporate media game of trying to sound sensible one moment and then embracing utterly batshit wingnuttery the next; hell, I saw him do it within the space of about three minutes once on “Real Time With Bill Maher.”

Tell you what, Joe – the next time someone gets a bullet in the head from the production-possibility frontier or a nine-year-old girl in Tucson is slaughtered by a disturbed market equilibrium or an inefficient distribution of labor, let me know, OK?

(Oh, and by the way, beyond the fact that the comparison is utterly absurd, LaPierre remains tragically and dangerously wrong and Krugman remains thoroughly correct.)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Boxer Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino boxing champion who regularly pulls in guaranteed purses north of $20 million per fight, for refusing to box in Las Vegas because he doesn’t want to pay U.S. taxes for income earned in this country – fine, go 15 rounds with some palooka in Yemen then, you ingrate (here)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

On Sunday February 17th, Tom Friedman wrote what seems like his 1,217th column on how now is supposedly the time for Obama to strike a “grand bargain” with supposedly moderate Republicans (pathetic – here).

Republicans on the national level “bring the crazy” pretty much 24/7/365 because they don’t want to be primaried by the Teahadists. More than anything else, that is why Republicans in Washington and most statehouses dare not do anything that makes it look like they’re trying to work with that Kenyan Muslim socialist. I’m hardly a “well kept” New York Times pundit, but even I know that (and of course, whenever Friedman talks about compromise, on the Dem side anyway, it has to do with “reining in spending,” or something, which inevitably means that the 99 percent gets it in the neck again…Freidman would do well to read Paul Krugman, who has forgotten more about this stuff than Friedman will ever know).

Dregs of the Year Nominee (Special “Yeah, I’ll Have An Extra Cheese With Pepperoni, Mushrooms And A Side of Lead, To Go” Citation)

All Around Pizzas and Deli in Virginia (here), where customers who bring in a gun or show a gun permit get 15 percent off their order (Wonder what’s next? A free six pack at the beer distributor if you walk in the door with a rocket launcher?)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Victor “Hugh” Bowman for his lawsuit against food processing giant Monsanto here – the company sued Bowman for using second-generation genetically modified seeds (Monsanto being the king of “GM” foods – in this context, I should probably put “food” in quotes too)…as TP tells us (about Bowman’s appeal that has made its way to the High Court of Hangin’ Judge JR), “(This) gives the Supreme Court an opportunity to determine whether or not Monsanto is using patent enforcement to control their monopoly on a vital resource.”

(By the way, a Dregs citation within this to the Obama Administration for siding with Monsanto, and to “Almost Silent” Clarence Thomas, once a Monsanto lawyer, for not recusing himself…knowing the pro-business bent of this Court, it’s probably not hard to figure out what will happen, but we’ll see)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

North Carolina Repug (of course) Governor Pat McCrory for his “unprecedented” gutting of unemployment insurance in his state affecting about 400,000 claimants and their families (here) – his measure reduces the maximum benefit allowed from $535 a week to $350 while cutting the number of weeks an unemployed worker is eligible for the program from 26 to 20 (every resident in the state should probably chip in some change so McCrory can go see the movie or stage production of “Les Miserables,” even though the meaning would no doubt be utterly lost on him…and by the way, McCrory is also a tool for this)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Nevada Repug U.S. House Rep Joe Heck, who said here that he considers former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords to be a “prop” on behalf of common sense gun control efforts in this country (and if Heck were to take a bullet in his head and survive, then I’m sure he would be a “prop” on behalf of ignorant politicians everywhere…and yes, I know he released an update saying he didn’t consider Giffords to be a “prop” after all – mighty decent of him – but as is too often the case, an apology for his terrible choice of words was nowhere to be found)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Montana “Tea Party Patriot” Jennifer Olsen for sharing Rich Diamond’s photo here on Facebook of a “plot to kidnap the President” involving a stick-propped-open box and a watermelon (the pic shows what I’m talking about…and by the way, a Dregs citation to Diamond also for being a clueless nut sack – and isn’t this stuff “sooo 2009” anyway? Yep, keep telling me that the Teahadists aren’t racist)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Judy Viger, a 33-year-old mom in Glen Falls, NY, who hired two strippers for her son’s 16th birthday party, the problem being that 16 is underage and all, as noted here (I read somewhere that she could be looking at a year in prison for corrupting the morals of a minor, but a neighbor acted like it was some kind of a misunderstanding by police…uh huh, sure – all inappropriate jokes about a “boy’s dream come true” or something notwithstanding, this is ultimately a serious legal matter)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Former first lady Laura Bush, who objected when she was included in an ad in support of marriage equality; I know it’s a bit of a slippery slope to include family members of public figures (though she is that in her own right), but the issue is that there is a public record of her support on the issue, and now she’s trying to wash her hands of that, you might say (here)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Trisha Lynn McLaughlin, 36, of East Street Road in Warminster, PA was accused in February of embezzling about $355,000 from her employer, where she was the office manager, as noted here.

Was her employer a bank? An insurance company? A pharmaceutical firm? No.

Her employer was Newtown Veterinary Hospital, a place near and dear to Mrs. Doomsy, the teenaged one and I since they looked after our family pet, who lived with us for 15 years before he passed away last year (and currently taking care of the new felines also).

This woman is accused of stealing $355 grand from a place that gave (and continues to give I’m sure) wonderful care to people’s treasures, and NVH, I suspect, had to do a lot of scrounging to make up the shortfall.

If she’s convicted, I hope she gets at least 20 years.

More later…

Doomsy’s Do-Gooders and Dregs (2013 – Pt. 1)

November 25, 2013

OK, I’m going to rev this up again and see how far I get with it.

This is the beginning of my year-end wrap-up, and I’d better get started now because I’ve got a bunch of stuff. The point of this is to cover a lot of items that I’d managed to accumulate over the prior year, but I really didn’t want to include them in a post because I didn’t have much to say at the time.

(A bit of background here: I originally started the whole “Do-Gooders and Dregs” thing over at the Blogger site in 2005, and I did it every year since – with each post or set of posts gradually getting longer and longer – until last year, when I was unable to do it for a variety of reasons. However, I really felt that this blog was the worse for not having it, so I’m going to try and get it going again. And I’m going to do the posts here at WordPress instead because I think it’s a better platform for what I have in mind.)

And by the way, unacknowledged hat tips are probably owed here to Eschaton, Daily Kos, Think Progress, Huffington Post, Crooks and Liars, Balloon Juice, firedoglake, MSNBC, and a few other sites here – many thanks.

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Joshua Boston, a Marine who penned a letter complaining to Dianne Feinstein, his senator, about her efforts to try and reinstitute the assault weapons ban after the Newtown, CT shootings here; that’s not the reason for the citation – he has the right to do that – but to do so with this language…

“You ma’am have overstepped a line that is not your domain,” Boston wrote in his letter to the senator. “I am not your subject,” he continues. “I am the man who keeps you free. I am not your servant. I am the person whom you serve. I am not your peasant.”

He also compared gun control efforts to Nazi Germany.

Uh huh.

Thank you for your service. Now, STFU.

Dregs of the Year Nominee

The South Carolina (Danger, Will Robinson!) Mexican restaurant Taco Cid for its “witty” T-shirts worn by its employees that show a “joke” about “catching” illegal immigrants; when they were busted, they lashed out at the newspaper that published the story and the reporter who also took the picture, saying it wouldn’t advertise in that newspaper anymore (hereAy Carumba, are these people nitwits, the ones running the restaurant I mean!)

Dregs of the Year Nominees (Commemorative “Too Darn Hot” Citation)

The news networks with initials for names for excluding the one story that trumps everything else here

Ingrates of the Year (Possibly The Millennia) Citation

Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, former chairman of AIG, gets it for filing a lawsuit on behalf of the insurance giant claiming that “the federal government violated the Fifth Amendment by taking too large a share in the company and charging it excessive interest rates on the $182 billion in loans it gave the company” (here).

So these gutter snipes accept hundreds of billions of bailout dough and award themselves bonuses to boot, and now they’re mad because we (perhaps in our stupidity) enabled them?

Nationalize them right now. That will fix their sorry asses (more here).

Self-Defeating Right-Wing Moron of the Year

James Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response, a Tennessee company that trains people in weapon and tactical skills, claimed in a video posted on YouTube and Facebook that he would “start killing people” if President Barack Obama decides to take executive action to pass further gun control policies (he later apologized, as well he should – here).

I give you Exhibit A in the argument that there are some people in this country who shouldn’t be allowed to own a firearm (to say nothing of meriting prison time for making terroristic threats).

Dregs of the Year Nominee

George Burnett, the Colorado smoothie shop owner who charged more to liberals than conservatives and sent the difference to some right-wing outfit that pretends to care about the deficit here (which, as noted here, has been going down under that Kenyan Muslim Socialist in the White House)

Dregs of the Year Nominees

The five Repugs here (including disgraced former Reagan AG Ed Meese) who wanted to impeach Obama over #44’s eminently sensible gun proposals…

…who were slapped down by some actual adults in that party here (color me shocked!)

…thought that still didn’t stop the NRA from this vile maneuver (and a Do-Gooder-within-a-Dregs citation here to Chris Christie – again, credit where it’s due)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Sen. Mr. Elaine Chao for resurrecting the Obama-“gun grabber” mythology immediately after #44 was sworn in for another term here (of course, it has been long since proven that such a charge has absolutely no basis in actual fact)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

The head of the Mon Valley Republican Party in McKeesport, PA who hung his American flag upside down – a distress signal used by soldiers in times of war – to protest the Obama inauguration (this guy apparently said that our country is “a horrible place”…if you really think that, well, I don’t see anyone forcing you to stay, jackass – here and here)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Steve Kozachik, vice mayor and a member of the Tucson, AZ City Council, for stating here that the gun issue was the “last straw” for him and the GOP – one of the items he notes in his 1/22 CNN column is that he helped institute a gun buy-back program, but at about the same time as one of those events, the NRA set up a stand nearby with their “Cash for Guns” program, outbidding the gift cards that were given to those who participated in the buy-back program…those who went for the NRA deal traded in the cash for guns with no background checks on anyone, which apparently is legal in Arizona…beyond belief, though PA doesn’t have anything to brag about on that score either

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Golfer Phil Mickelson, who claims that he’s paying about 62 to 63 percent in taxes and cannot afford to pay more, as tax rates for those making more than $450K return to Clinton-era levels, which were hardly oppressive to begin with (as Think Progress states here, if Mickelson is really paying that much, then he’s being taken for a ride big time, even though it is higher in CA I realize when you add in all levels of taxation – regardless, he needs to be better informed on this subject at the very least, and maybe just a tad more empathetic too)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Former Bushco Secretary of State Colin Powell, for calling out his party on their voter suppression efforts primarily in the 2012 elections here; no, this doesn’t redeem his “baking soda in a vial” moment at the U.N. before the Gulf War, but it’s progress, and it builds on Joe Scarborough’s thoroughly truthful comment the day before about the fact that the House GOP has hung onto power through gerrymandering

Dregs of the Year Nominee (Commemorative “I Don’t Know What Any Adult On This Show Says – All I Ever Hear Is This ‘Wau Waauu Waaauuu’ Crap” Citation)

Peter Robbins, the man who voiced Charlie Brown as a child for all of those TV shows remembered by boomers everywhere including yours truly; in January, noted here, he was arrested and charged with 12 felony counts, facing up to nine years in state prison for stalking his ex-girlfriend and making criminal threats against a La Jolla plastic surgeon (good grief…too easy I know)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien for this (file this under “kicking butt and taking names”)…

Here is what happened – she had some wingnut on her show who opposed women in combat (which is stupid anyway because women have been fighting and dying in combat for years, to say nothing of enduring other miseries, as noted here), and O’Brien read a quote from someone that seemed to validate what the wingnut was saying. The only problem is that the quote was actually spoken in 1941 from someone who opposed African Americans in the military.

Some would consider that to be a journalistic trick, but not me (particularly since Fix Noise and their ideological brethren repeatedly clip quotes and twist meanings; O’Brien presented something that was truthful in a historical context…we need more like this).

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter for presenting what he calls his “Sandy Hook principles” to encourage responsible corporate behavior by gun and ammunition manufacturers here; as part of this, he has called for divestment from gun companies in much the same way that we once encouraged divestment from companies that supported Apartheid in South Africa (Joe Nocera of the New York Times has also been “following the money” on this issue here)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Jerry Boykin for this

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Roxanne Rubin, a casino worker on the Las Vegas strip and a Nevada Republican, who tried to show everybody how easy it is to commit voter fraud and ended up getting arrested for – wait for it! – voter fraud (yep, I definitely think there’s a Darwin award in her future…here)

Dregs of the Year Nominee

Idaho State Senator Sheryl Nuxoll for comparing “Obamacare” to the Holocaust (ya’ think these numbskulls would have gotten the message by now that this country is sick of their eliminationist rhetoric, but I guess not; just keep losing elections, then…fine with me – here)

Do-Gooder of the Year Nominee

Charles Albert Poland, Jr., a bus driver in Newton, Alabama, apparently confronted some anti-government survivalist nut named Jimmy Lee Dykes when Dykes (allegedly, let’s not forget) boarded Polard’s bus with a gun, threatening the kids. Polard confronted Dykes (unarmed, apparently) to defend the kids, and Polard was shot dead for it. Dykes allegedly then took a 5-year-old hostage into his underground bunker where, apparently, Dykes had enough food and other necessities to last for days or even weeks at a time (Dykes ended up dead and the boy was saved – works for me).

Poland laid down his life for his kids – in terms of commitment, I can’t see what can top that…here.

Dregs of the Year Nominee (“Heckuva Job” Citation)

Buscho FEMA Director (using the term loosely) Mike Brown, for attempting a joke about the blackout that took place in New Orleans during the Super Bowl, won by the Baltimore Ravens, and then copping an attitude when confronted over it here…if there is any person on this earth who has no room whatsoever to joke about New Orleans (and recalling Katrina in the process), it’s Brown (and why is it not surprising in any way that Brown is now a talk radio host?)

Crime Story of the Year, So Far (Commemorative “(Prison) Walls and Bridges” Citation)

Three different Brazilian criminals with surnames including that of slain former Beatle John Lennon were involved in a crime spree on or about February, as noted by The Daily Mail (the popularity of The Fab Four in that country was cited as a possible explanation, along with the fact that, after Lennon’s 1980 killing, more babies were named after him in particular among the rest of the group…here)

More later…

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