Really, South Carolina?

May 2, 2013

I just got an Email from “Democratic Headquarters” (presumably the DCCC) telling me to give money in the South Carolina U.S. House special election for the seat vacated by Tim Scott; the contest pits former governor Mark Sanford against Dem Elizabeth Colbert Busch (I didn’t identify the party affiliation of Scott and Sanford because, in that state, just assume that the politicians are Republicans…I commented on that awhile back from here…believe it or not, the campaign, supposedly, is a statistical tie right now at 46 percent of the likely votes apiece).

Basically (and I don’t mean this to disrespect Colbert Busch in any way), I have no intention of giving a dime to this campaign. Because I’m tired of people asking me for money.

My new best friend on the telephone is named “Unavailable,” since that’s what shows up on the display when the phone rings like crazy in Le Manse Doomsy, usually when we’re cleaning up after dinner, trying to make sure the teenaged one’s homework is done (though he’s getting better about that, but any parent in similar circumstances knows the challenges), or doing some other family-related activity. And I’ve told them to stop calling, but they persist anyway. Assuming it’s someone else besides the Democrats…well, regardless of who it is, I’m sure they want money too.

The public radio stations want money. The state police want money. Every worthwhile blog I read has a popup telling me they need money. God knows the Catholic Church wants money. All worthy causes, I know (though I wonder how much of the money to the latter cause goes to lawyers instead of our parish).

But wantin’ ain’t gettin’, since we ain’t got it to give.

And now along comes “Democratic Headquarters” telling me that there’s five days to go in the Mark Sanford/Elizabeth Colbert Busch campaign, it’s tied, and I must give a donation to help the Dem candidate.

And the first question I ask myself is, why?

If these people in South Carolina are dumb enough to actually let robocalls sway them (here) into voting for a political candidate who recently argued with a cardboard cutout of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (here), and who actually published the phone numbers of people who responded to his invitation to give him a campaign donation (here), who once voted to impeach former President Clinton here over Number 42’s dalliance with Monica Whatsername (particularly humorous when you recall Sanford and his “Appalachian Trail” stuff, which cost SC taxpayers about half a million dollars, as noted here)…

…well, I just don’t see how whatever donation I can come up with could somehow fight that kind of STOO-PID!

And yes, I guess that makes me just another snotty liberal looking down his nose at voters who, apparently, don’t have the common sense that God gave to a flea. Guilty as charged, I guess. But I was also taught not to throw good money after bad.

I’m saying all this because I’m trying to do something that, hopefully, will benefit Elizabeth Colbert Busch somehow (her website is here). Even if she probably would be too good of a public servant for many of her constituents, who apparently attach as much importance to voting as they would to purchasing a six pack of Coors and a box of Little Debbie snack cakes.

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