An Anniversary of Disgrace

March 19, 2013

I’m not going to say that my outrage over the Not-So-Excellent Adventure in Iraq brought to us by Former President Highest Disapproval Rating In Gallup Poll History is all used up, because it isn’t and I don’t expect that it ever will be…at least I hope not.

However, instead of restating what I and many others have already pointed out many times, I’ll just note that I visited the George W. Bush Presidential Center (or whatever it is) here and found no mention of Iraq at all. Which is pretty astonishing, even for Bushco.

I cannot recall the exact segment, but Rachel Maddow recently pointed out the results of post-election polling from last fall in the contest between Obama and Willard Mitt Romney, and of the people who voted for Obama, the killing of bin Laden wasn’t even the number one reason they supported Number 44 (actually, that was the number two reason).

The number one reason is because the Iraq war ended on Obama’s watch.

So that means that the Iraq war was hated by more Democrats, independents, and (I’m sure) some Repugs than Osama bin Laden, the guy responsible for the worst terrorist attack that ever hit our country.

I don’t know what needs to be added beyond that, except this I suppose.

Update 3/20/13: Even though he is thoroughly delusional and remains, of course, catastrophically wrong, at least Former Defense Secretary Rummy went on the record for the occasion here (And by the way, let’s not forget the 2.2 million refugees from Iraq since 2003, as noted here).

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