Time To “Beam” Newt Outta Here

This was too stoo-pid to ignore; I give you Fix Noise pundit James P. Pinkerton here…

The Washington Post wrote recently that Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign “will go down in the annals as just another unsuccessful enterprise, along with so many other presidential wannabes whose bright expectations crash into the reality that it was not their time and perhaps was never to be.”

Well, okay, but there’s another side to Gingrich: He has always been one of the most intellectually interesting, and politically questing, figures on the national stage. And so if there’s a little bit of Don Quixote in Gingrich, there’s also a lot of Captain James T. Kirk; he really did want to boldly go where no politician had gone before. Indeed, we might say that progress depends on Captain Kirks, or their non-fiction equivalents.

Red Alert! Picking up reading of a life form in deep space! Looks like another flatulent bloviation from The Planet Murdoch. Arm the photon torpedoes! Set phasers to utterly destroy!

In response, I’d like to point out the following…

Captain Kirk would plunge headlong into an unknown world, fight interstellar bad guys with the help of the reincarnated Abraham Lincoln (remember that episode?), fall in love with the alien, let the “red shirt” get killed, forge a treaty, intervention or some agreement with that episode’s antagonists, and end up snatching their dilithium crystals before he and the Enterprise escaped (at warp speed, of course).

Newt Gingrich, based on his military record (or lack of one), would run away from an unknown world, quote Abraham Lincoln as if the “modern” Republican Party bore any resemblance to the one to which our 16th president belonged (here), stay away from any “alien” romantic entanglements (at this point in his life anyway, lest he earn “The Wrath of Calista,” Gingrich being a “good Catholic” and all that…as noted here, though, Baby Newton Leroy has definitely been “Lost In Space”), concoct a “red card” immigration plan (to bring in all the “undocumented” workers employers would allow, depressing wages further, and leaving “red card” workers no recourse if they were fired…here), ridicule peace agreements (or embargoes anyway), and possibly, in a moment of stress, eat the dilithium crystals.

And believe it or not, Pinkerton’s column gets worse, sneaking in some idiotic comparison between Kirk and JFK (ah, so, via a fictional spaceman, Gingrich supposedly shares some leadership qualities with our 35th president).

In response, I’d like to note the following from here

A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life is not as likely to insist upon or regard that quality in its chosen leaders today – and in fact we have forgotten.

Hard to argue with that, sadly (would have been nice for Pinkerton to read up on that before he concocted that idiotic screed).

One Response to Time To “Beam” Newt Outta Here

  1. Gingrich is slime. Therefore Fox loves him.

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