Mitt Romney, Foreign Policy Guru, Strikes Again

I give you Willard Mitt Romney today (here, on the subject of whether or not Obama should have gone after bin Laden – Romney once said it wasn’t worth it; figures)…

On ropeline, Romney says “of course” he would have given bin Laden order: “even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.”

(And by the way, I’ll leave aside for now the matter or whether or not Arianna Huffington was guzzling too much Ouzo before she said that Obama’s ad was “despicable” or not.)

More to the point, given that Romney decided to take a shot at our 39th president on foreign policy, let’s compare and contrast military service records, shall we?

  • Jimmy Carter – Served in the U.S. Navy from 1946-1953; this included service on the then-brand-new nuclear submarine program under the direction of Admiral Hyman Rickover – Carter rose to the rank of Lieutenant.

  • Mitt Romney – Not only did he receive deferments from military service, but none of Romney’s five sons served in either Gulf war or in Afghanistan.
  • So basically, STFU, Willard Mitt.

    Update 5/1/12: Figures…

    Update 5/5/12: Wow, Tweety “finds the nut”…good for him (here).

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