Two For Steve Against “Self” Ciervo

This letter appeared in the Bucks County Courier Times today…

Steve Santarsiero is the type of state legislator we need in Harrisburg. With our struggling economy, frequent stories of corruption and bad behavior by politicians, and the flood of negative political advertising it is tempting to think “throw the bums out” and vote against all incumbents. Don’t do it.

I have watched Santarsiero first as a Lower Makefield supervisor and now as a state legislator for District 31. He has always done what he believes is right and not what is politically expedient.

In Lower Makefield he was the driving force behind televising the board of supervisors meetings, opening up the process of appointments to boards and commissions, pursuing green energy alternatives and fighting commercial development which would negatively impact our lives.

In Harrisburg he has led on fiscal responsibility by example, not taking per diems, a government car, or public health insurance. He has proposed a bill that would require all representatives to pay toward their health care and supports the recommendation put forward by the grand jury investigating corruption in the legislature. After last year’s budget stand-off Steve proposed a bill that would cause legislators to lose their salary for every day past the June 30 deadline that a budget is late.

One state legislator cannot change Harrisburg alone. But we cannot afford to lose one who is sincerely trying to bring responsibility and sanity to our state government by replacing him with someone who cannot match his record.

Doreene Kaplan
Lower Makefield, PA

…followed by this letter…

My family has lived in Newtown Township for 18 years – the past six in a new development called Wiltshire Walk. Shortly after moving in, my neighbors and I discovered the ill-willed plan to build the massive (2,000 employees) Brandywine office complex next door and feed the traffic right through the middle of our neighborhood.

We were even more devastated to read in the traffic study that our neighborhood street was slated to become a bypass to the Newtown Bypass. The residents in the older neighborhood behind us did not have to worry about the impact of traffic, because they had their public road closed – no surprise that I would later learn of their close ties to the local Republican “good ole’ boys.”

I first met Rob Ciervo when he was a resident who publicly and fully supported the high-density Brandywine development, despite the fact that it would have meant our kids dodging thousands of cars coming through our neighborhood every day and residents having another light and more congestion on the Bypass. I still have the e-mail he sent my husband and I convincing us Brandywine was not so bad. Then we learned he was the manager for a local supervisor campaign and that the campaign’s party took two large contributions from a VP of Brandywine. No wonder he was trying to promote their destructive plan!

I have watched how Rob has conducted himself over the years – especially during his campaign for supervisor in 2007. I have never seen anyone twist or bend the truth more than he does. He has a Ph.D. in psychology and he uses it well to craft his spin into sound bites that will get him elected. His partisan antics as supervisor have divided the community rather than uniting us for the common good.

Rob also claims that because he was born and raised here that somehow makes him a superior candidate. Well, we had a Newtown native in charge here for years – Skip Goodnoe – who was instrumental in the local Republican good ole boys putting party interests over those of residents. They sugar-coated their detrimental plans to sell them to the public or, even worse, shoved them down our throats when we protested – as was the case with Brandywine. Protecting the community’s heritage was not Skip’s priority despite being born and raised here. Sometimes people who move here appreciate and fight harder to keep the unique character we love about our town.

This is why I find it easy to say no to Rob Ciervo and cross party lines to say yes to Steve Santarsiero. As a Lower Makefield supervisor for six years and state representative since last year, Steve has proven to me that:

– He can be trusted to do the right thing on behalf of residents to ensure our quality of life.
– He works hard for everyone – not just those in his own party.
– He is willing to fight for reform in Harrisburg, even if it means going against his own party leadership.

That’s the kind of leader I can wholeheartedly support.

Jen Dix
Newtown Township, PA

And to help Steve, click here.


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