No “Fracking” Way Our Water Should Be Unsafe

The latest from Democracy for America…

I know we’re all focused on these crucial upcoming elections but I had to share this with you. Over the next several years, between 30,000 and 50,000 new natural gas wells will be drilled across Pennsylvania using the dangerous technology known as “hydrofracking.” Democracy for America and our members throughout the state are saying enough is enough, its time to take serious action.

Join DFA members from across the state at “Building a Stronger Movement: Statewide Conference on Marcellus Shale” coordinated by Penn Action and Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania.

The conference will be addressing what you can do in your community to protect your environment and the drinking water supplied to Pennsylvania working families from the dangerous effects of hydraulic fracturing. We need you there!

Join in the movement! REGISTER HERE

State and local officials from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh have called for a moratorium on this drilling due to the environmental and economic damage it has already caused in many Pennsylvania communities. They are calling for further study to assess how safe natural gas hydraulic fracturing really is. The gas drilling industry will not cooperate unless they are forced to. From ProPublica:

Residents of Dimock, PA., water woes have been widely chronicled as a prime example of the hidden costs of natural gas drilling. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection announced recently that these residents will get a safe and permanent water supply to replace their methane-contaminated wells.

For about two years, Cabot Oil and Gas, a natural gas drilling company, has supplied drinking water to some Dimock residents after several private drinking wells were found to be contaminated with methane, the main component of natural gas. A few wells have exploded. The Pennsylvania DEP has said that Cabot is responsible for the problems and announced intentions to bill the company for the cost of an $11.8 million plan to construct a new public water line to serve these residents.

“We have had people here in Pennsylvania without safe drinking water for nearly two years,” said John Hanger, head of Pennsylvania’s DEP. “That is totally unacceptable. It is reprehensible. We have given Cabot every opportunity to resolve this matter.

But Cabot has pushed back against the agency, calling plans to construct the water system “unreasonable, unprecedented and unfair.”

We cannot afford to sit back and expect the gas industry is going to do the right thing, Democracy for America members and everyday working people in Pennsylvania are fed up with the blatancy with which the natural gas companies are assaulting the environment. Without public pressure the state government is not going to put the brakes on hydraulic fracturing or ensure the citizens of the commonwealth will be properly compensated for the extraction of this valuable natural resource.

We need you there! Join in the debate and the movement to protect our communities! REGISTER HERE

Saturday, October 16, 2010 11a-5p
Radisson Hotel Harrisburg
$25 donation requested to help defray costs
More info here:

For more info or for questions, please email or call Hannah Miller. Thank you for everything you do,

– Dan

Dan Mulligan, National Field Organizer
Democracy for America

To learn more, click here.


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