O’Donnell: “We Spend Too Much On AIDS”

And that was before this dandy little moment last night…

It’s all a matter of people’s behavior, you see, and there are no other factors involved (silly to fund prevention programs as far as O’Donnell is concerned, I guess).

Assuming O’Donnell had a speck of interest in educating herself on this issue, she could start by clicking here (we know she doesn’t, though – as Bill Maher so aptly put it last night, more or less, “Teabaggers are real big on the truth. What they have problems with are the facts”).

(And ummm, well…I have a feeling Christine’s issues extend beyond politics, as noted at the end here.)

Update 9/25/10: I also have a feeling that Bill Maher will make sure the O’Donnell gaffes arrive nonstop (here).

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