Vilsack’s Vexing Sherrod Slam (updates)

Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to let yourself get played by Breitbart again (can you say “Son Of ACORN”)?

And by the way, What Digby Said (here – h/t Atrios…more from Media Matters here).

It’s awfully hard to watch stuff like this play out and then encourage people to support national Democratic political campaigns, considering that the de facto leader of the party has allowed all of this to happen.

And all of which suits Breitbart just fine, of course.

Update 1 7/21/10: Brietbart is a pathetic slug of a human being (here), and apparently, the White House is trying to lean on Vilsack to do the right thing (here).

Update 2 7/21/10: Typical wingnut hilarity – everyone is blamed here except Breitbart for doctoring the tape (his name only appears in a comment).

Update 3 7/21/10: If Sherrod isn’t offered a job of comparable pay and responsibilities, considering that she’s unsure about accepting her old one back (Vilsack apparently offered it and she’s thinking about it), then she should act on the last sentence here (and name Breitbart in the suit too).


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