A Penny For Your Thoughts – Or Your Life

“Worst Persons” on “Countdown” from last week (The Detroit Tigers baseball team sends down to the minors Armando Gallaraga, the guy who pitched the perfect game but for the blown call at the very end by ump Jim Joyce; Dem (!) Repug Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle vetoes legislation permitting same-sex marriage in that state, saying in essence that it would me a mistake for a single-elected official to make a decision like that, when that, in essence, is what she did – huh?; but John Biwer and his alleged health insurance company, Discovery Benefits of Fargo, N.D., gets it for dropping the coverage of La Rosa Carrington, who is battling leukemia, because she underpaid by a single cent – gee, teabagger wingnuts screaming about health care reform, what say you to this?).


2 Responses to A Penny For Your Thoughts – Or Your Life

  1. doomsy says:

    Funny, but I could have sworn I saw a “D” in that video – good catch (and I’m relieved a bit; a pretty sad way for anyone to act, especially a Dem).

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