Monday Mashup Part One (7/12/10)

July 12, 2010

  • 1) Based on this post from J.D. Mullane’s wretched blog, he apparently believes that animals don’t deserve any spiritual benefit from the guidance of a benevolent creator (with him calling anyone alleging that animals have souls a “neo-pagan crackpot” – Mullane apparently isn’t satisfied with wingnuttia in the temporal world and aspires for metaphysical wankery also).

    Well then, I guess it would be surprising to consider this heroic individual as a “neo-pagan crackpot” also.

  • 2) Also, the New York Times decided to write a puff piece on Chris Christie today (here)…

    The governor has repeatedly used his powers more confrontationally than his predecessors, wading into school budget fights, freezing the actions of semiautonomous public authorities and breaking with tradition by refusing to reappoint a State Supreme Court justice.

    Gee, I would say that more than a little bit of context is missing; as tells us here…

    TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie today nominated attorney Anne Murray Patterson to the state Supreme Court to replace Justice John Wallace.

    Wallace is the high court’s only African-American. He is the first sitting justice to be denied tenure, though there have been those who resigned to avoid a renomination battle.

    Christie said his decision was more about reshaping the court than about Justice Wallace, whom he said he had “great respect for … personally and professionally.”

    Apparently, Christie had so much “respect” for Wallace that he decided to deny him tenure and try to replace him with a product liability lawyer (who usually takes the side of corporations) instead.

    Oh, and by the way, would it have been too much trouble to also tell us the following (from here)…

    All seven members resigned…from a Judicial Advisory Panel that recommends potential judges to New Jersey’s governor, in protest of Gov. Chris Christie’s decision not to reappoint Associate Justice John Wallace Jr. to the state Supreme Court.

    Memo to “The Old Gray Lady” – next time, try reporting (and in addition to the items mentioned above, here is more “fun” with Christie).

  • 3) Finally, it seems as if the bogus deficit-reduction commission is floating some “trial balloon” recommendations to see which ones will get shot down (here)…

    Republican Alan Simpson and Democrat Erskine Bowles told a meeting of the National Governors Association that everything needs to be considered — including curtailing popular tax breaks, such as the home mortgage deduction…

    Oh, brother, here we go again (no wonder Atrios calls these jokers the “catfood commission”).

    On the one hand, this tells us that the home mortgage deduction costs about $131 billion.

    On the other hand, this tells us that the first tax cut of Captain Clueless in 2001 alone cost $1.35 trillion (and there is plenty or argument raging back and forth as to whether or not we should allow that and the cut in 2003 to expire).

    But I’m a reasonable person, so I’ll tell you what – allow both Bush tax cuts to expire and end both wars, bring everybody home (because we’re not going to be able to remake Afghanistan in our image – we’d need a draft to legitimately fight the Taliban for any serious duration, and I most definitely do NOT support that) and cut the defense budget in half, to the point where we’re outspending the rest of the world, oh, maybe three times as much as our nearest country as opposed to five or six times…do that, and I’ll relent on the home mortgage interest deduction, OK?

    And by the way, I heard about this story from the paper version of The Philadelphia Inquirer that was delivered to our door step today, presumably by accident.

    Memo to the Inky – we’re never going to subscribe again. And if you’re going to give us a free copy, at least be smart enough not to give it to us on a Monday, when you publish Krauthammer and his weekly Obama-bashing.

    Update 7/15/10: Hat tip to Atrios for this (a “know-nothing sociopath” indeed)…

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