Shooting Holes Into Our Democracy – Again

So the DISCLOSE Act, Congress’s attempt to remedy the wretched Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, could not pass without granting an exemption to the NRA, whereby it would not have to disclose its top donors…related to spending on advertising and other political activities, as HuffPo tells us here.

Why not? Could it be that all of these supposedly brave Americans who absolutely demand that their gun rights come before all else are too afraid to admit when they support a particular politician or political advocacy group?

Yes, I know all too well (particularly in PA) that the NRA tells our lawmakers to jump, and they plead “how high?” Yes, I know the political reality.

But it really doesn’t demonstrate any courage to attack a political opponent when you don’t even tell people who you are (and it’s no comfort that bending yet again to the “lock and load” crowd is what it took to get the DISCLOSE bill to pass).

You want to know what real courage is, NRA? Listen to Colin Goddard, a survivor of the Virginia Tech shootings, calling on all of us to tell our utterly craven, spineless politicians to, at long last, close the gun show loophole. Goddard has no problem with telling people who he is and why his story matters.

Unlike you (and by the way, I’ll ask again why Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli hasn’t impaneled a grand jury over this).

Update 6/17/10: I was a bit unclear in the post above; the DISCLOSE Act passed the House with the NRA provision, but the Senate awaits (and good for Dianne Feinstein here, though she needed to make up somewhat for this).

2 Responses to Shooting Holes Into Our Democracy – Again

  1. mike w. says:

    So Colin Goddard wants the “gun show loophole” closed because of what happened to him at Virginia Tech. That is blatantly dishonest.

    Cho bought his guns legally at a gun store (not a gun show), filled out all the required state and federal paperwork, passed the background checks AND complied with the 30 day waiting period before buying his 2nd gun.

    So please, tell me how in the hell Goddard and the VT shooting have anything to do with the so-called “gun-show loophole” which is a dishonest misnomer in itself?

  2. doomsy says:

    I understand your point about the Virginia Tech gun purchases. I also understand the point that the four guns purchased by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were bought at gun shows, though three of the four were “straw” purchases. However, John Patrick Bedell, who shot and wounded two police officers near the Pentagon in March, bought at least one of his 9 mm guns at a Nevada gun show (reported by the AP).

    In addition, I came across a finding that “one ATF study found gun shows involved with over 10,000 trafficked guns a year – about 30% of all criminal trafficking” (that was from the Mayors Against Illegal Guns web site).

    I will grant the point that the vast majority of gun sellers at gun shows are law-abiding citizens practicing gun safety. However, I’m tired of watching our politicians knuckling under to the NRA in the name of the supposedly sacrosanct Second Amendment (on this and also on that ridiculous DISCLOSE Act exemption). I have no problem with trying to close the gun show loophole if so much as one innocent life can be saved.

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