A Polite Warning To My Lefty Brethren

June 8, 2010

I purposely steered clear of the story of the two men threatening Dem U.S. House Rep Bart Stupak of Michigan (Stupak being, of course, the co-author of the pro-sepsis, coat hanger abortion amendment to HCR along with PA-16’s waste of space, Joe Pitts) because I try to avoid stories pertaining to ongoing criminal investigations.

However, The Daily Kos ended up chiming in as noted in the pic:

The problem, though, is that, when you read the story from The Hill, there is no mention that either suspect (Russell Hesch and his son David Hesch) belongs to a teabagger organization (I read two other accounts of this story, and I could not confirm that either one of the Heschs were teabaggers from those accounts either).

Despite all of the wingnut umbrage out there, we are still on the correct side of the issues (if anything, the biggest disenchantment out there isn’t over Obama and Congress doing too much, but that they’re doing too little). We have enough on our side to maintain our majorities in governance this fall if we put in the necessary work (probably losing seats, I’ll admit), but that doesn’t give any of us the right to suddenly get sloppy with the facts.

If it turns out that either of the Heschs do, in fact, belong to teabagger organizations, then I’ll update this post accordingly. But for now, we should leave the funny-hat-and-racist-sign crowd out of it.

Say No To The Repug “Big Oil” Bailout

June 8, 2010

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