Patrick’s Lesson In Service For The Teabaggers

May 4, 2010

I haven’t had much to say about our PA-08 Dem congressman Patrick Murphy for a little while, but this post from Above Average Jane tells us that Murphy…

…was at Levittown’s Windowizards on Monday highlighting the potential new HOMESTAR Energy Rebate program to create jobs and save homeowners money. Murphy was joined by local homeowners and David Goodman of the Levittown-based window company to tout the program that, if passed by Congress, will provide rebates to consumers who invest in making their homes more efficient. The program offers homeowners money back on the purchase and installation of specified energy efficiency products, and it offers incentives to those who undertake retrofits to their homes that demonstrate a reduction of 20% or more in energy consumption.

In addition to lowering energy costs, the bill will create jobs for those hardest hit when the housing bubble burst, including builders and contractors, construction material manufacturers, and hardware store owners. According to the HOME STAR Coalition – a group of 700 manufacturing, retail, construction and environmental groups – the program will put an estimated 168,000 skilled Americans back to work in these sectors.

“Providing rebates to families for making their homes more energy efficient not only saves homeowners money; it stimulates job growth as well,” said (Murphy).

“As a small business owner, I truly appreciate Congressman’s Murphy support for job creation programs like HOME STAR, which would be huge for expanding my company and helping me hire new workers,” said David Goodman, President of the Levittown-based company Windowizards.

This tells us more about the so-called “Cash for Caulkers” program; as usual, a House version of the bill is proceeding along smoothly…

On March 24 an Energy and Commerce subcommittee, chaired by Representative Edward Markey, approved the bill with a handful of Republican amendments, and Markey predicts there soon will be Republican co-sponsors as well. “This is the kind of energy savings program that Republicans can support,’’ he said.

Sometimes called the “cash for caulkers’’ program, but addressing far more than just leaky windows, the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act is supported by the mother of all coalitions, including the Steel Workers Union, the Sierra Club, Home Depot, and Dow Chemical. Even the US Chamber of Commerce is on board.

The Boston Globe article also tells us that “Late last month the Senate introduced a $6 billion plan to retrofit 3.3 million American homes for energy efficiency — and create 168,000 jobs in the process. The bill’s sponsors include Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, no lapdog of the administration, along with energy committee chairman Jeff Bingaman and others.”

Gee, I can hardly wait for the next Frank Luntz-approved talking point on this one which will lead Sen. Mr. Elaine Chao at first, and then all other Senate Repugs, away from this common-sense legislation (a “big government socialist takeover” of our sewer lines and hot water heaters?).

Also, even though Defense Secretary Robert Gates appears to have put the brakes on the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Murphy is still trying to remedy this horrific mistake which has driven a huge number of individuals from our armed services (here), including linguists fluent in Arabic (and why on earth would we possibly need them?).

To contact Congressman Murphy, click here (and to reward good behavior, click here).

And meanwhile, as the Courier Times tells us here today, the individuals vying to run against Patrick pretended not to care about getting the oh-so-coveted “teabagger” endorsement (you all just keep squabbling among yourselves while the grownups get things done, OK?).

Update 5/6/10: By the way, kudos to Patrick for this.

A Timely Musical Message

May 4, 2010

And this song was originally written over 30 years ago…

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