This Is What A Terrorist Attack Looks Like, Governor

April 30, 2010

Apparently Repug Jan Brewer of Arizona, having signed that state’s awful “illegal to be brown” bill into law, needs to be reminded based on this.

(And why am I not surprised that Fix Noise humanoid Megyn Kelly is involved?)

Remembering The Slaughter of Innocents

April 30, 2010

This tells us that remembrances are planned for the 40th anniversary of the Kent State shootings, the horrific event that, to me, slammed shut, as it were, the decade of the 1960s, admittedly a period of excess but also that of great social change.

And a video appears below – the person who put it together was told that they could not use “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (here is an analysis of that song; there is no good video out there of it, and I know you know the tune as well as I do by now anyway…you can click on the first link here if you want to hear a sample).

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