DeMint Brings “DeStupid” On Immigration

April 27, 2010

Buried in this story, we learn the following…

(South Carolina Repug U.S. Sen Jim) DeMint… accused Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, who is up for re-election this year, of “playing politics with immigration to try to show the people back home he wants to do something about it.”

In a note of support for the senior senator from South Carolina, DeMint said fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has taken “an important stand” in withdrawing his support for a climate change bill since Reid and Democrats began to signal their desire to prioritize passing an immigration bill this year.

Yep, such bald-faced partisan posturing as Graham and DeMint are both engaged in doesn’t make any sense to me either (and what Atrios sez here on Graham, by the way).

And it makes even less sense when you see Graham, supposedly a mythical GOP “moderate,” making common cause with DeMint and his pals on this issue; as noted here from last July…

Last week, Republican lawmakers were also busy playing a huge role in passing a series of enforcement-only immigration amendments proposed by Senators Jim DeMint (R-SC), David Vitter (R-LA), Jeff Sessions (R-AL), and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) that had anti-immigrant groups celebrating. Meanwhile, the July 4th tea parties charted a course for the Republican Party that further cemented anti-immigrant sentiments within the GOP’s base: White supremacists eagerly recruited new members and right-wing celebrity “Joe the Plumber” punctuated the event, saying immigrants should get the “hell out of our damn country.”

And as noted here, DeMint blames labor unions for illegal immigration, and he also held up a vote on Marisa Demeo, an Obama judicial nominee for the D.C. Superior Court who has worked on immigrant rights issues (here…she was eventually confirmed).

Right now, the epicenter of the illegal immigration fight is in Arizona, where that state has basically made it illegal to be brown (or any other color, probably).

But if DeMint has his way, that will soon shift to The Palmetto State (and given his odious track record on this issue, he has zero room to criticize anybody when it comes to “playing politics”).

(I wonder, if DeMint ends up scuttling genuine immigration reform due to his antics, if “it will break him…it will be his Waterloo”?)

Pat Toomey, Friend Of The Working Man (And Woman)

April 27, 2010

(And I assure you that I’m being ironic.)

I keep waiting for our corporate media to pick up on this story, namely, that Toomey has received campaign contributions from a certain Don Blankenship; I realize that isn’t illegal, but it says something to me that Toomey apparently has no intention of returning the money.

However, as noted in the video, this is typical behavior.

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