What The World Thinks Of Goldman Sachs

April 18, 2010

I’m with Max Keiser on everything here except the bin Laden comparison, and the gentleman from France is right; this needs to be settled through the world financial community, not just here (hat tips to Atrios and Rising Hegemon; OK, cue, the wingnut umbrage over my last observation – five, four, three…).

Update: And for anyone out there who may think that Keiser is being a bit too harsh, consider this.

Arlen Specter, The “Ladies Man”

April 18, 2010

I should point out that, personally, I had a big issue with the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the High Court apart from any of the Anita Hill business; one year on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, and Poppy Bush thought that qualified him for “the show.”

One lousy year.

And then, here comes Snarlin’ Arlen to lay siege to the reputation of Professor Hill, causing enough of a distraction to avoid looking into what really mattered about Thomas (who, as noted here, just marked his fourth anniversary of saying absolutely nothing during oral arguments on the Court of Hangin’ Judge JR).

And we have Specter to thank, in part, for Thomas’s presence (and to do something about that, click here).

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