Steve Santarsiero Deflects A Garden-State Ciervo Slam

March 16, 2010

PA-31 State Rep. Steve Santarsiero communicated the following recently…

Last week I sent a letter to New Jersey legislators urging them to reconsider the proposal that would require all state, county and local government employees, as well as teachers, firefighters, police officers and other public employees in the state, to reside in New Jersey within four months of employment for new hires and two-and-one-half years for existing employees.

I am calling on these legislators to ‘grandfather’ in current employees, exempting them from this residency requirement.

This proposal would adversely impact many families in the Newtown-Yardley area, potentially putting them in a position of having to move or lose their jobs within two and a half years. It could have a devastating impact on our local economy. It is a question of fairness, and it is simply not fair to change the rules midway through the game.

I encourage you to join me in calling on the New Jersey legislature to reconsider this residency requirement. Click here to sign the petition.

For all of the latest information about issues in state government that affect you, please check my Web site often. And as always, please contact me if I may be of further service to you or your family.

This was covered in the Bucks County Courier Times recently here, and in response, Santarsiero’s Repug opponent “Self” Ciervo said:

“Steve is grandstanding,” said Ciervo. “He should be focusing on things he has control over and doing the job he was elected to do. This proposed bill in New Jersey is going nowhere and is just grandstanding by some politicians over there.”

Oh, I don’t know about that, Teabagger Rob. As this story tells us, the bill enjoys the support of Repug Gov. Chris Christie, who has commenced trying to balance the state budget on the backs of the poor, sick and elderly, to say nothing of the public schools (here…memo to progressives everywhere – this is what happens when you sit on your hands during an election cycle).

And I don’t think it would be prudent of me to hold my breath waiting for Ciervo to call out a fellow Repug on this (the NJ relocation bill, I mean).

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