This Is What Passes For Informed Punditry

March 15, 2010

I really went back and forth on the question of whether or not I should waste anyone’s time with this, but this column by Fred Hiatt, the person responsible for the Op-Ed content of The Washington Post, is simply too stupid to be ignored…

Here’s a theory about why President Obama is having a tough political time right now: He doesn’t seem all that happy being president.

I know, it’s the world’s hardest job, and between war and the world economy collapsing, he didn’t have the first year he might have wished for. And, yes, he’s damned either way: With thousands of Americans risking their lives overseas and millions losing their jobs at home, we’d slam him if he acted carefree.

Still, I think Americans want a president who seems, despite everything, to relish the challenge. They don’t want to have to feel grateful to him for taking on the burden.

I started thinking about this a few weeks ago when Obama confidant David Axelrod, noting that the president always makes time for his daughters’ recitals and soccer games, told the New York Times, “I think that’s part of how he sustains himself through all this.”

Really? Is the presidency something to sustain yourself through?

I would imagine so. And what “sustains” me as I read this laughable drivel from Hiatt is the image of him being smacked in the forehead with an open palm for all eternity, a fate to which he is sentenced one day.

And besides…

And as you consider that this was actually published, also consider that the Op-Ed page of the Post routinely provides column space to serial misinformers, including guest writers (as noted here – h/t Atrios) as well as the Post’s creaking, wheezy staff of journalistic has-beens, including perpetual climate change denier George Will (here), David Broder, and Charles Krauthammer, though, to their credit, at least they allow Ezra Klein to craft intelligent commentary fit for adults, as well as Pulitzer-winning columnist Eugene Robinson (and here are more instances of journalistic malpractice under Hiatt’s watch).

I have a feeling Mrs. Graham is doing somersaults in her grave.

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

March 15, 2010

I guess it tells you how dysfunctional Washington (with no small assist from obstructionist Republicans) truly is that an 11-year-old boy has to tell the adults to do their jobs; kudos to Marcelas Owens (more here).

Update 3/16/10: As surely as flatulence follows indigestion (here)…

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