A “Teachable Moment” From Bill Maher

March 13, 2010

Have to crank the volume a bit (i.e, from last night’s show), but otherwise, good stuff.

Wonder How Many Lost Their Coverage This Week?

March 13, 2010

So “the problem is not the insurance companies,” Willard Mitt? Then where, pray tell, is the problem (and please spare me another plea on “tort deform,” though I’m sure, now that I’ve said that, I’ll end up having to link to that New York Times Anne Underwood column again where it is proven that “tort deform” is “the hair on the end of the dog’s tail,” as it were, when it comes to health care costs).

(And a You Tube commenter said Romney’s quote was taken out of context…I wonder what context would be appropriate for the words “the problem is not the insurance companies”?)

…and my bad, by the way – forgot to add this.

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