More Monday Economic Harwood Hackery

John Harwood of the New York Times really served up the laffs in this “Caucus” column today…

For President Obama and Congressional Democrats, public opinion this past year has mostly gone in the wrong direction — on his job performance, on health care and economic stimulus, on midterm elections.

It’s interesting to me that Harwood would say that, given this poll that appeared in his own newspaper last month saying that those surveyed still trusted Obama over Republicans, though three-quarters of those surveyed said they disapproved of Congress, the highest percentage since the survey started in 1977 (often, though, this is a case where the institution is vilified, though those surveyed often hold a more favorable opinion of their legislators).

Harwood also tells us the following…

Three-fifths of Americans supported tougher regulation of Wall Street in April 2009, according to Pew Research Center polling. Despite rising disaffection with government, three fifths still supported it last month.

Of course, heaven forbid that Harwood would actually cite a number to support his claim of “rising disaffection with government.”

Also, when it comes to the possibility of a financial regulation bill from the Senate…

The ranking Banking Committee Republican, Senator Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, has returned to discussions with (Sen. Chris) Dodd, after earlier reaching an impasse and watching his junior colleague, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, step up as Mr. Dodd’s Republican interlocutor.

I don’t really have a criticism of Harwood on this item, but I just wanted to point out the following concerning Dodd’s “interlocutor” (here).

And Harwood gives us a real whopper near the end…

…financial regulation gives Democrats a rare opportunity to tap the Tea Party populism that Republicans have exploited on health care.

If Harwood thinks any Democrat whatsoever can achieve common cause with those uninformed, Obama-hating, conspiracy-theory-crazed, primarily white, middle-aged fools wearing their funny hats and carrying their detestable signs, then he must be taking hallucinogenic drugs.

One Response to More Monday Economic Harwood Hackery

  1. Gigi says:

    I am on the same page as Ed Schultz…(the ED show on at 6 on msn)

    The Dems on the senate finance committee have the majority. They can bypass the repugs and propose new regulations that would really separate banking and investing and provide other protections..including consumer protections.
    I don’t understand this determination to do this with bi partisan agreement.
    Put the proposal out on the floor for debate and put it on C Span and let the taxpayers see who is on their side and who is on the side of the banks.

    I am getting suspicious of this “bi partisan” chant, is this a means to share the blame and put repugs at risk in the coming campaigns when the banking industry rails against those in congress who restored regulations?

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