So Bob Marshall Is A “Satirist” Too?

February 22, 2010

This is going to be a bit difficult I’ll admit, but I’m going to try and diagram the thought processes of Sarah Palin (be very afraid, I know).

So Rahm Emanuel says that liberals are “f*cking retarded” for targeting the “Bush Dog” Dems opposing health care reform, so Emanuel is bad (here). However, Flush Limbore is good when he uses the word “retard” because it is merely “satire” (here). On the other hand, Seth MacFarlane of “The Family Guy” is bad for a story with a girl who has Down’s Syndrome saying her mother is former governor of Alaska, even though the actress who voiced the character has Down’s also and basically told Palin to grow up (here).

Now, along comes Repug Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall, who says that God punishes women who have had abortions by giving them children with disabilities (here).

Sounds like it’s time for some new connivance by Palin to try and burnish her Repug credentials and make the Dems look bad at the same time.

That is, of course, unless Marshall is right in Palin’s case, and there’s something else the former Wasilla mayor needs to discuss…??

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