Tea Party Mythology Versus Reality

February 12, 2010

I think this opinion column illustrates the corporate media disconnect over those teabaggin’ wingnuts pretty well, particularly the following…

Nearly every household and business in America has curtailed spending over the past few years. Some, dramatically. The only place where profligate spending remains popular is in Washington. Politicians wonder what’s fueling the rage behind the “tea party” activists who feel the government is out of control. Then they turn around and add another zero or two to the massive debt that taxpayers are responsible for.

(Trying to run the government like a business, including cutting spending 25 percent, an idea put forward in this column) would not be a pragmatic strategy. It would be remarkably cynical, because any president proposing something so draconian would know it had zero chance of getting through Congress. Charges of populism would fly. Political advisers would panic because of all the Americans whose livelihood would be threatened and votes potentially lost.

But it would delight the tea partyers and lots of other Americans who are appalled at politicians who keep spending taxpayer money, apparently clueless about the privations that many Americans are enduring.

As you can see, the teabaggers are being presented as allegedly sane bunch of methane dispensers whose primary concern is supposedly out-of-control government spending (no, I don’t like adding to the deficit either, but this is what you’re supposed to do when faced with an economy currently dealing with 10 percent unemployment, in an effort to create jobs – 10 freaking percent, people!).

Well, I would argue that the pics below from some of these “tea parties” tells an altogether different story (though I agree that someone here is “clueless,” all right).

And finally…

(Funny, but I always thought that word was spelled with an “e.”)

As you can see, government spending has very little to do with what motivates these life forms. It is pure hate of an African American president who is trying to rescue this country from the carnage of the ruinous Bushco reign, as well as the political party to which he belongs (and if you don’t want to believe me, read this).

We now return you to your regularly scheduled propaganda.

Update 2/17/10: What the hell is it going to take until we start treating these people like the dregs that they truly are (here)?

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