Chris Christie’s Economic Plan Revealed!

Charles Dickens would be so proud (here)…

Although he used a prompter to deliver (his 28-minute inaugural address after his swearing-in as New Jersey governor) and hewed closely to his prepared text, Mr. Christie pounced on an opportunity to flash his quick wit.

At one point he singled out several “New Jersey heroes,” including Jim Benedict of Freehold, the founder of a soup kitchen that, in Mr. Christie’s telling, provides free meals to the hungry three times a week. Mr. Benedict duly stood and was applauded, but called out to Mr. Christie that the charity actually serves meals four days a week.

Laughing at his error, Mr. Christie replied, “In this administration, Jim, we’re shooting for five.” The audience roared.

Wow, it looks like workhouses and the manufacture of gruel will apparently be growth industries under a Christie administration.

And the fact that the crowd “roared” in anything but disapproval and protest represents a rather grotesque disconnect between the hardships of everyday residents in the Garden State and the relatively slight difficulties faced by the privileged few currying for Christie’s favor.


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