No “Elephant’s Memory” On GOP Racism

So Harry Reid apparently misspoke about President Obama during the presidential campaign and recently apologized about it, huh (here)? And even though Reid didn’t mean it in a derogatory way, this is somehow a big deal to “The Most Trusted Name In News”?

OK, I’ll cut the network a little slack here, though I should note that I have much more substantive disagreements with Reid particularly on health care reform, but I still don’t think this is a big deal.

However, I think this is the true comedy in this CNN “Ticker” post…

Update: Republicans called on Democratic lawmakers and candidates Saturday to condemn Reid’s original remarks. “For those who hope to one day live in a color-blind nation it appears Harry Reid is more than a few steps behind them,” National Republican Senatorial Committee communication director Brian Walsh said in a statement.

And Walsh and his RNC pals would know a thing or two about being “a few steps behind” when it comes to a “color-blind nation” based on this, wouldn’t they?

Also, here is more RNC-simpatico “color blindness” for your consideration.

Update 1/10/10: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


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