Another Bad Scene, Maan, From More Harwood Hackery

Thus sayeth John Harwood of the New York Times (here)…

…if you’re a liberal and you want universal coverage in this country, and think that you can do better, that Harry Reid can do better than he’s done that the White House can do better, they ought to lay off the hallucinogenic drugs because we’ve had a vivid demonstration of the limits of political possibilities on this issue.

This post tells us that Harwood copped a plea to the dreaded “liberal bias” even when that wasn’t even posed as a question, thought it was “remarkable” that Obama was elected president when he’d led for the entire campaign last year, and accused Obama of “a course of tax increases and ambitious social engineering” (memo to all employees of the New York Times: it does you no good to try and concoct “Drudge bait” – the wingnuts will still hate you). Also, Harwood had fun with the supposed “issue” of Hillary Clinton’s cleavage here (journamalism scraping the bottom of the barrel, people).

Oh, and this tells us how Harwood equated CNN and MSNBC with Fix Noise without even bothering to compare them.

And Harwood tells us to get off the hallucinogenic drugs?

Well, I just have one thing to say in response:

You first, John :-).

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