Another Big Health Care Lie From “Holy Joe”

“MediChoice”? “Public Option”? Difference?

And Harry Reid had a chance to put this utterly unrepentant charlatan in his place after the ’06 and ’08 elections, but blew it as usual.

The House actually delivered a good health care bill to the Senate, which has just about killed it.

Escalating the war in Afghanistan? Check. Emasculating health care? Check. Stomping the life out of “cap and trade”? That’s next.

You’ve utterly caved to the wingnuts, Senate Dem “leadership” (and Obama).

The electoral train is heading down the tracks, and it’s picking up steam. And it will smash you to bits next year.

We warned you.

Update 1: What koz sez here, unfortunately…

Update 12/15/09: I thought this was a good letter in the New York Times today (which, as nearly as I can tell, is the only newspaper writing about real people dealing with real issues related to unemployment (here), which is still at staggeringly high levels)…

To the Editor:

Re “Lieberman Says He Can’t Back Current Health Bill” (news article, Dec. 14): Senate Democrats should force Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, and his Republican allies to filibuster the health care bill throughout the holiday season rather than letting them hold the American people hostage to their tactics.

Moreover, the filibusters should be shown live in public hospital emergency rooms throughout the United States, so that the uninsured people waiting for primary care can understand exactly who is preventing them from obtaining affordable health insurance. (Better yet, make the filibusters take place in emergency rooms, but the Capitol Police might object.)

Jonathan I. Ezor
West Hempstead, N.Y., Dec. 14, 2009

And here is an example of elite punditry by Very Serious Journalists telling us that, though the public option went up in smoke, this was still a good development because, presumably, somehow this whole pointless exercise laid the groundwork for the bright, shining day when this issue will supposedly be revisited and it will, as it by magic, somehow become law.


The moment to do this was now, with a democratic president and solid democratic majorities in Congress. But it was wasted by the spineless acquiescence of Harry Reid, first and foremost.

And whatever does pass will be attacked ruthlessly when Democratic voters sit on their hands next year, this allowing those teabaggin’ wingnuts to swamp them at the polls and elect equally insane politicians trying to pander to them every way possible (as kos alluded to above). And after those politicians are sworn in, they will do their very best to eviscerate the health care reform that has passed with all the fury they can muster.

And if anyone doubts what I just said, remember that I and many others have seen this movie before, more or less, in 1994 (sigh).

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