Why The Sixers Are Lousy

November 14, 2009

I generally try to emphasize politics, current events, as well as wonky stuff here that not a lot of people care about also, I realize. But I felt like I had to point out something in a sports-related vein.

I actually tried to watch the Sixers on TV last night against the Utah Jazz, and what I saw was painful (and that was BEFORE Utah went on its last run to lead by over 20 points). Broken plays, missed shots, blown defensive assignments – dear Lord…

And with that in mind, I wondered in particular how top draft pick Jrue Holiday played, and as you can see from here, he played for 2 minutes and scored 0 points.

The Sixers drafted Holiday ahead of Ty Lawson (here), former ACC Player of the Year for North Carolina, the team that won the NCAA basketball title earlier this year.

Do you want to know what Ty Lawson did last night? Only this…

Yeah, we didn’t need no stinkin’ Ty Lawson, did we?

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