The Sickening Repugnance Of “Dr. No”

November 6, 2009

(I may just be posting videos here for a little while; I don’t know more about that at the moment.)

I get really tired of our corporate media treating Tom Coburn as if he’s just some oddball curiosity in the U.S. Senate. He’s a dangerously unhinged individual who frequently acts in an irreparably harmful way towards his own constituents as well as those of the country as a whole. And if anyone chooses not to inform themselves about that and remain utterly ignorant, that’s their fault.

This post from Think Progress tells us that he’s put “holds” on several veterans benefits bills because he wanted to divert money from unspent “stimulus” funds on them (Coburn opposed the “stim,” of course).

(Note: I transcribed this from the TP post, but I have a feeling that the issue is that Coburn isn’t the one who wants to divert the funds, but the issue is that he’s blocking the “stim” funds from being diverted for our veterans, though that’s a bit unclear.)

This unconscionable act hurts individuals such as the person profiled in the video below, as well as many, many others who have made great sacrifices for our country.

The fact that this individual continues to take up space in the U.S. Senate is a damning indictment of those who voted for him, and our country generally for continuing to tolerate his presence (click here for more).

Update 11/9/09: Good for Akaka, Tester and Begich for this.

Update 12/1/09: Despicable, but typical (here).

The Latest On The Fort Hood Shootings

November 6, 2009

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims: ABC News reports here that one of the shooters (possibly two more, but I haven’t seen that confirmed) has been identified as Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who was due to be deployed to Iraq Afghanistan (just found that out on Rachel Maddow’s program – updated to Afghanistan 11/6).

Update: The two other possible shooters/suspects have been released from custody (here).

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