A Maddow Encore On Obama’s Nobel Prize

October 11, 2009

Uh, New York Times? Could you please identify who on “the left” thinks Obama is undeserving of the Nobel because of the war in Afghanistan (here)? Otherwise, your editorial was spot-on.

Update: OK, I guess this qualifies.

And as long as we’re talking about Obama and the Nobel, here is Rachel Maddow’s fine commentary (I put this up earlier over at Blogger, but I think it should be here also).

A final Nobel thought – this is a Times reprint of an interesting Op-Ed from 1990 in which the writer names other Russians more deserving of the peace prize than winner Mikhail Gorbachev (another backhanded swipe at Obama, though).

And I know that this man had already died by that time, but I think he was more deserving than the rest of his countrymen.

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