A “Friday Funny” On Iraq (Sort Of)

Yesterday at The Weakly Standard, I came across this item…


(Update: The text in the red block says “This is what victory looks like”; didn’t realize that that would be hard to read – sorry…)

What good news, I thought to myself.

So I clicked on the link and it took me to this article by Spencer Ackerman of The Washington Independent, in which we learn the following…

All U.S. military actions in Iraq now occur “by, with and through” the Iraqi security forces, “within the framework of the security agreement.” (Gen. Raymond Odierno) praised the departure of U.S. combat forces from Iraqi cities on June 30 as a “major milestone” whose “positive psychological impact has been profound.” He called the Iraqi security forces capable.

Nine months after implementing the security agreement and three months after leaving the cities “we continue to make consistent…progress,” Odierno said. Reduced attacks “of all types” to levels not seen since the “summer of 2003.” He’s got charts! Overall attacks have decreased 85 percent over the last two years, to 594 in August of 2009. “Ethno-sectarian deaths” have decreased 77 percent. Only 19 ethno-sectarian incidents over Ramadan 2009, compared to 978 in 2006. There are “high-profile attacks” that continue, but Odierno brings out stats to show their decline even after June 30. “There was a clear security lapse on 19 August in Baghdad, but I do not believe it was the result of any systematic security problems,” Odierno said, referring to massive Baghdad bombings occurring that day, saying the government “responded effectively … enabled by U.S. forces, and they continue to reassess their security posture.” Extremist efforts to re-spark sectarian violence “have failed.”

Assuming I could overlook the approximately 4,348 casualties we our country alone have has suffered over Dubya’s war of choice (to say nothing of thousands of our wounded/traumatized military personnel, as well as the price paid by innocent Iraqis and the subsequent millions displaced by the world’s worst refugee crisis), is this an occasion for me to give anyone who supported this monstrous debacle since Day One even a smidgeon of credit?

Not really; as noted here (also from Gen. Odierno’s testimony)…

“I’m not sure we will ever see anyone declare victory in Iraq, because first off, I’m not sure we’ll know for 10 years or five years,” Army Gen. Ray Odierno told reporters at the Pentagon.

Lather, rinse, repeat (silly wingnuts)…

Update: And speaking of conservative idiocy (including the Standard), after reading this, please read this.


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