Responding To “The Fearful Five” (updates)

(Fearful of what their handlers in the insurance racket would do to them if they voted against their interests, that is…)

As noted here, Max Baucus, Kent (“A Public Plan Would Bankrupt Hospitals”) Conrad, Blanche Lincoln (from top to bottom above), Bill Nelson and Tom Carper (from top to bottom below) did what we all expected them to do today, and that is to utterly cave on public option amendments introduced to the atrocious Baucus health care travesty of a bill (though Carper and Nelson voted in favor of the Schumer amendment, while all five voted against the Jay Rockefeller amendment).

This is totally in character (or lack thereof) given the following past behavior:

  • Both Baucus and Lincoln opposed lending any money to the automakers after supporting TARP, as noted here.
  • Conrad laughs here when told of a health care reform ad airing in his state encouraging him to do the right thing on this issue (even if it means the Dems losing control of the Senate – and what good does “control” do when they vote like this anyway? – it would be worth it to see Conrad get the boot over this).
  • Nelson said that public option supporters “don’t have a clue” here.
  • And dusting off the memory banks a bit, this shows us that, given a choice between Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Senate Democratic primary and a certain Joe “He’s With Us On Everything Except The War” Lieberman, Carper chose to endorse – well, I’m sure you can guess the answer.
  • If you’re as steamed about this as I am (though, sadly, not entirely surprised), then I would suggest clicking here and forking some bucks over to a worthy cause in response (though I honestly have to wonder why anyone thought Olympia “Lucy Holding The Football” Snowe would have actually done the right thing here).

    Attribution for the pics is as follows:

    Baucus (here)

    Conrad (here)

    Lincoln (here)

    Nelson (here)

    Carper (here)

    Update 1 9/30/09: Good point here – needs to be repeated over and over to try and drown out the right-wing blatherings on this issue…

    Update 2 9/30/09: Figures…

    Update 3 10/1/09: Typical Carper “Third Way” BS here (h/t Think Progress)…


    5 Responses to Responding To “The Fearful Five” (updates)

    1. johnrj08 says:

      Makes me furious. The Senate Finance Committee voted to have mandated coverage, meaning that everybody, young and old, has to purchase medical insurance. If you can’t afford to pay private insurer premiums, the government will subsidize your policy by giving you a tax credit. In other words, the insurance companies are about to get a gigantic windfall in profits and, at the same, no reason at all to lower their rates. It is absolutely mortifying that we have these idiots running the country.

    2. lee says:

      You are all out of your minds to try and kill the Federal option.
      It wont hurt the insurance companies any more than Medicare did so many years ago. It (medicare) made these greedy fools (insurance companies and doctors) rich beyond their wildest dreams.
      Its time all of these foolish republican senators and congressman to do something actually right for a change. After, its been what, 140 or so years since Lincoln did the right thing. Of course any of us educated enough to know, know that the republican party that existed then is really the democrats of today. The GOP has so lost its way, it may never find it back again.

    3. u2canfail says:

      Thank goodness it is just a committee. Now, let’s pass health care reform with a public option.

    4. doomsy says:

      Tom Harkin, who took over the Senate HELP committee for Ted Kennedy, said on the Ed Schultz program that there’ll be a health care bill with a public option ready for Obama to sign by Christmas. I hope he’s right.

    5. Martin says:

      hey, did you pay for your blog theme? Mine is pretty plain

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