A Message For You “9/12 Teabaggers” (updates)

You want something to march rally about? Check this out (and yet another class move by Dick “Barney Fag” Armey here).

Update 1: Why am I not surprised (here)?

Update 2: And by the way, all class, wingnuts (h/t HuffPo).


Update 3 9/13/09: I think Media Matters hit the nail on the proverbial head with this:

It’s a symptom of a broken media culture that a small group of fringe conservatives can scream insults and falsehoods at the president or their representatives in Congress, bring no facts to bear in support of their allegations, and still be treated as major players in a policy debate.

And that goes for The Bad Joe Wilson too, of course.

Update 4 9/13/09: Probably lucky if you find more than a handful of brain cells between them (here)…

Update 5 9/13/09: Good catch by Media Matters here (I suspected that this was true, but MM just confirmed it).

Update 6 9/13/09: “Two million,” huh? O-kaaaayyyyy


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