Where In The World Is “Governor Goner”? (updates)

June 24, 2009

At least, despite Sanford’s “flameout,” as Tina Brown puts it here, the South Carolina governor didn’t get a standing ovation for marital infidelity, as Nevada’s Repug Senator received here.

Update 1: Wow, it turns out that Ensign and Sanford have more in common than I thought (here and here – or, as Atrios said, “I didn’t know the Appalachian Trail ran all the way to Argentina”; and, as always, the media wing of the Repug Party con-vee-niently slips the “D” where the “R” should be in the event of the inevitable GOP scandal until somebody calls them on it).

Update 2: And E-Mails too? OMIGOD!!

Update 3: Kudos to Sanford’s wife Jenny, the only one acting like an adult here.

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